Jersey Dreams, Overlocker Nightmares

I managed to get myself a good priced secondhand overlocker (thank you gumtree!!) and sewing knit/jersey NEEDS to become part of my sewing plans. I dress mainly for comfort and wear knit fabric a lot, so if I want to wear me-made daily I need get going on my overlocker.

I have patterns lined up with enough fabric to start some projects but I’m terrified of getting started. I’m making myself think sewing is an extreme sport haha. Sooo I’m publicly announcing my plans to encourage me to actually get started!!!

I want to start off with a free pattern, Kommatia Patterns Batwing Tee which will hopefully give me a bit of confidence.


I went on a bit of a Kommatia roll and bought two more of her jersey sewing patterns. I love this one in particular and I can see myself getting a lot go wear out of it.


Since sewing with knits is supposed to be quite fast, if I can, I also want to squeeze out this Great British Sewing Bee drapey knit dress which I think will be perfect for a christmas day comfortable/almost pyjamas dress. You can get for free here if anyones interested.


I hope these free patterns are new to some people and make you happy 🙂

Overlockers have quite an intimidating reputation and my first time testing it out I managed to break the needle! I had to rethread it, which isn’t so bad with tweezers and now I’m stuck at the most problematic part, getting the tension right! Thanks to a lot of Instagram advice it’s almost right!

This will be my first christmas making my christmas day outfit and at first I was going to sew something elaborate and fancy but who am I kidding! I’m going to send the day watching tv and eating haha I hope to live through some of you other sewers and can’t wait see what christmas/new year outfits you make, are you making something? If so what is it??

Speak to you soon xxx



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    1. I’ll be sending you over good overlocking vibes 🙂 I’m definitely starting a project with it tomorrow. This tension thing won’t hold be back any longer!! haha


  1. My overlocker was a present so it found me completely unprepared but we have become best friends now. I always try the tension on a scrap piece of the same fabric before I go on the main fabric. The GBSB dress has a loot of ease, so comfort will be definitely provided. I also like the Kommatia top you have chosen, very interesting cut.


    1. Right now I love my overlocker way more than it loves me hahaha I can’t wait to get started on some speedy knit projects, hopefully the Kommatia top will be finished by the end of the year! I will try it out on a scrap of main fabric, thanks for the tip! I’m going to be much more careful with the overlocker than my sewing machine!! haha


  2. Love the batwing tee!! And although I’m yet to join the overlocker club…I might have a go at it with my ‘normal’ machine… 🙂 Best of luck with yours, lucky gal! X


    1. oooh can’t wait to see your version!! I bought the overlocker before I even got any christmas gifts for family are going to get some thrifty gifts :p xx


    1. ooh the heather dress! Let me know the date you’re going because I was thinking of a SOI class. Their classes have helped me so much with dressmaking!! 🙂


    2. just looked all the dates are completely sold out :/ I’ll be taking the class but see you at another class maybe, ever since you mentioned the Cigarette pants class I’ve been looking longingly at it haha


      1. That’s all the temptation I need to book Sew Over It class! See you next pattern release! 😉
        I’m glad you got out of that workplace and finding the energy to sew again! Some workplaces just take everything from you! Have a brilliant Heather class, I can’t wait to see those dresses made up! 🙂


  3. An overlocker is the best addition to your home makes ever. The only thing you need to do is go slow, you’ll get faster with time, but it opens up a whole new world of non home made looking clothes. I am the overlockers biggest fan, except when the thread breaks!!!?


  4. I used my Overlocker for the first time this week and I definitely need to work on the tension – I don’t know which thread needs tightening though 😱 Have happily been sewing knits with my normal machine and a walking foot though, they’re so quick!!


    1. That’s exactly me problem with tension, which one is the upper thread, which is the lower loop?!? It’s driving me crazy!
      With your normal machine do you use a double needle or one ballpoint one? I can’t wait to get started on some quick knit sewing!!


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