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Hello! It's been awhile! I been buying loads of fabric and dreaming of all the things I will make…tomorrow. I've been hit by a serious block.

The only fix to a sewing block is thinking up exciting plans. I've been loving seeing everyones resolutions and #2016makenine on instagram, so slightly late to the party, I'm making my own list.

I believe in the power of making a list. While I am shocked and guilty of how many projects I've posted here which I SAY I'll do but never get round to, having a list of patterns I want to make/fabric I want to use always keeps my sewing productivity levels up.


By Hand London, Victoria Blazer

Making a coat has been on my list for months and months….and I'm still working up the courage to tackle one. I'm a nervous sewer and sticking to patterns which hold my hand is my safety blanket. I've got the fabric and the pattern, my plan is the sleeveless version.

NamedClothing, Inari Top

I finally caved!! This pattern was on sale during Christmas and I snapped it up. I've seen so many gorgeous versions. I've had one metre of some Nani Iro fabric which I've had for  two years which I had absolutely no idea what to do with. Now I'm planning on the seasonally inappropriate top. Nani Iro + Inari pattern is perfection. See the examples here and here

Sew Over It, Anderson Blouse

This is cut out and ready to sew up! I'm hoping it's going to be the perfect work top.


Simplicity, 8013

9 Metres of £8 fabric later (no regrets) this dress is high on the priority list. Buying this was the first time in ages I've bought a dress I have absolutely no occasion for but ..still…#NoRagrets

Kommatia Patterns, Loose Batwing Tunic

I went back to Kommatia Patterns and bought two more during her New Year sale. I am officially her fangirl.

Ralph Pink, Audrey Dress

This is one pattern I don't already own. Ralph Pink's revamp of his website is amazing. I've always liked how modern his patterns are but before he only showed the pattern illustrations and I only thought his patterns where for advanced seamstresses (his corsets are AH.MAZING.) I have the two perfect fabrics for this dress….which is why it's completely necessary to buy this :p

Thread Theory, Finlayson Sweater

This might be the year my husband finally gets the pros of having a wife that sews. I have everything for this, Valentines day??

La Maison Victor, Chessie Top

The most practical item on the list. It is freezing! but I just can't keep away from wanting to make Summer clothes. This jumper is exactly the oversized, comfort over everything style I like.

Butterick, B6121 Backpack

I've been looking for a backpack pattern for a year. I've been so fussy. This is on sale and I really need a backpack. I can't wait to make something I can use everyday.

Looking at this list I already see my wardrobe gaps. Bottoms and clothes warm enough to survive the British weather but I'm so happy my sewing has progressed so much that I'm very confident that I can make all these thing!

Thank you for reading and commenting.

Meg xx

Megan valero

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22 thoughts on “#2016makenine

  1. megsewing says:

    Thank you so much!!! I love reading these, glad I can get to do one ^.^
    I’m feeling better by the day and trying to get through physio 🙂

  2. tifdickinson says:

    Hello! Hope you are feeling better! I’ve nominated you for a liebster award for being generally amazing and inspiring, hope thats ok 🙂

  3. megsewing says:

    Operation went brilliantly, thank you, and itching to get back to my sewing machine!
    I ‘ve been am lazy about toiling but am definitely gonna hit Walthamstow for some cheap stuff, I remember some Nani Iro fabric I ruin by non toiling (if thats a word)!!
    I saw the taylor tailor backpack, it looks gorgeous! I might buy it if this easier one does right!
    Do a make nine! It’s focused me so much and I love seeing other people plans haha

  4. megsewing says:

    loved every bit of the stream 🙂

  5. gingerella says:

    Wow, I did not proofread that incoherent stream of consciousness. Sorry!

  6. gingerella says:

    Ohh no, I hope everything is OK? Good luck for the operation if it hasn’t happened already and get well soon. Loved ready about I really need to write a post about your 2016 sewing plans (I really need to do a post myself). I’ve made the Victoria Blazer (long and sleeved version) and my advice is make a toile/muslin for the fit because it’s designed to be a loose, boyfriend fit which I didn’t really realise when I used £12/m herringbone wool fabric. 🙁 9 metres?! Wow! Interested to hear how that one turns out. Knommatia patterns are great and I’m a big fan of Ralph Pink’s patterns as well, especially the Siara and Tilli dresses, might have to get my mits on one of them. I too quite want to make a backpack this year, now which was the one that caught my eye… oh, the Taylor Tailor Desmond Roll Top Backpack.

    Looking forward to hearing more about these

  7. megsewing says:

    Thanks so much, operation was successful! I’m gonna keep focused and TRY to complete for me made may.

  8. megsewing says:

    Now I’ve got some patterns and fabric matched I’m well and truly out of the rut. Sadly it’s 4-6 weeks until I can sew again but that’s my excuse for starting with the Simplicity dress to celebrate sewing again 🙂

  9. megsewing says:

    I want 2016 to be the year I participate in me made may! Fingers crossed i can get it done on time!

  10. megsewing says:

    Thank you so much for your message! Everything went well! Just waiting to hop back on the machine!

  11. megsewing says:

    I can’t wait to swish around in that simplicity dress! Thanks so much for letting me know about the book club. i completely missed it starting and it will give me something sewing related to do! Feeling better and better by the day 🙂

  12. megsewing says:

    i made sure to get your details, then take the message down. sent you an email just now 🙂

  13. fabrickated says:

    I lost the message. When are you free please as I would love to meet.

  14. megsewing says:

    Thank you! I private messaged you on Instagram to arrange a time to meet next week. Shall I use Twitter instead? I’m hoping to enjoy the last of my time off!

  15. fabrickated says:

    Great plans and I do hope you are feeling better soon.

  16. Abigail says:

    You have a long list of makes! Can’t wait to see them all!!!

  17. Hi Meg, that Simplicity number looks FAB! Hope you are feeling better soon – sending love and best wishes 💞 PS can you read? Colette patterns have started a book club x

  18. Hello really hope your operation goes well and that you are free from pain soon. Your plans sound fun, something to dream about till you can sew.

  19. tifdickinson says:

    Exciting plans! Looking forward to seeing the lovely results 🙂

  20. Henna says:

    I love making plans when I’m stuck, even if I don’t always follow through. I’d been in a rut for a while and finally got out of it after taking stock of my stash 😮 These all look great! I’m especially excited to see that Simplicity dress! I hope you feel better and get well soon after your surgery!

  21. rhiannonbrum says:

    Good list!

    Massive fingers crossed and positive thoughts for the operation xxx

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