Our Shop 

Pigeon Wishes is a wholesale dressmaking fabric shop. We focus on fibres, sewing and fashion. 

Creativity is becoming more inclusive, thoughtful and vibrant. As a fabric supplier we want to add further choices to that narrative. 

Focusing on natural fibres, bold prints and colour we make sure the fabric we stock will bring a garment to life. We also search for high quality, exclusive fabrics not usually available to smaller retailers. 

Our Fabric

We are a responsible brand and source all our fabrics ourselves, personally visiting all our suppliers. We source the most sustainable fabric we can. That means working with Lenzing approved factories, deadstock suppliers and buying overstock. 

Our People

Pigeonwishes shops was founded by Megan Valero (an avid stitcher) and Duan YuHao (a tea enthusiast and tech master).

Megan’s sewing….and subsequent fabric buying, started in her twenties as a hobby to relieve stress and bring some creativity and happiness back into her life. Needless to say sewing slowly started taking over her life and the house! She is passionate about the sewing community that has evolved from the creative women sharing their dressmaking and the sewing businesses that have supported them.

Duan grew up around craft, which was entwined into the everyday of all the women in his family. Unfortunately the craft gene missed him but his collection of tea and organisation make him the cornerstone of the business.

The very heart of the business itself is Olimi Duan, our mascot, intern and all around helper. He’s been with us sourcing fabric, working late organising the studio and most importantly stroking fabric to check the quality. He currently enjoys watching the fabric rolling machine do it’s thing!