We have a fabric folding system that can roll your fabric to half width(on the bolting board) and distribute them your customers.


System designed for the unrolling or half width folding all kind of natural, synthetic and mineral fabrics, knitwear, non-woven, etc.

Natural Fabrics (of cotton, jute, linen, hemp, esparto, sisal…)
Synthetic Fabrics (of nylon, polyester, acrylic, kevlar…)
Mineral Fabrics (fiberglass, aramid…)

The system is also offered in the oposite way, it means, from half-width to open width.

Fabric business often need to roll the fabric to the bolting board. We can provide high quality bolt board and can roll your fabric based on the meters requested.

In addition, we have partnered with reliable logistic company like DHL , Fedex and royal-mail, which will guaranteed your fabric distribute to the end customer worldwide in a timely manner.

Processing Price: £20 per fabric roll.

> 10 rolls £15 per industrial roll.

*price exclude VAT and shipping, we can only process the woven fabric (not jersey).

Our Automatic fabric rolling machine can:

  • roll the fabric nicely onto the bolting board.
  • Length count & Count fixed length.
  • Cut neatly
  • Quality and default check of fabric.

How it works:

  1. Contact us via email or phone to quote the shipping price, if you happy to go ahead
  2. You can send the fabric to our UK warehouse, address:


Unit 38 Spindus road, L24 1YA, Liverpool


3. Send us the packing requirement

4. Send us the post slip ( include quantity and shipping address).