Modern and chic aren’t usually the first words you think of when someone says buttons!

However those are the cornerstones of our button collection, we provide makers with buttons that fill them with excitement and add the perfect finishing touch to their garments. We celebrate and encourage creativity, picking up a needle and thread and putting your heart into your craft.

We love working with fashion designers and new and established fashion labels, minimums for bulk ordering our buttons start at 500. Contact us for a quote.

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Neverland Button Button Set (Shirting Size)

Neverland Button Set (Shirting Size)

Colours that make you either want to take flight into a magical twilight sky or go into the depths of a lagoon filled with mermaids. Seems like there will always be at least one blue and green button in our collection!!! I actually cannot help myself! The next button in this colour combo saga is the Neverland button.

15 buttons per set




Each button is one of a kind.

Made from resin these kinds of buttons are tough, glossy and have a smooth texture.

They are relatively lightweight and hardly discolour from UV rays.

Suggested makes

Melilot Shirt (Deer & Doe)

Kew Dress (Nina Lee London)

Olya Shirt (Paper Theory Patterns)

Heart Eyes Button Set (Shirting Size)

Heart Eyes Button Set (Shirting Size) – Cut One Pair x Pigeon Wishes

Pink and rust are a must!

15 buttons per set.

Size: 15mm

Pink, rusty orange, and lilac heart-shaped buttons.

Each button is one of a kind.