tencel™ linen

  Elegant, soft, gorgeous! Formed by 70% Tencel and 30% Linen.Sand washed every metre to make it perfectly smooth and soft.

  The natural antibacterial properties of both linen and Tencel. It can keep on 90% antibacterial rate, even after washing more than 30 times. Low dust absorption rate, more resistant to dirt than ordinary fabrics

  The high strength of linen and the flexibility of Tencel complement each other, so that the fabric has x10 better abrasion resistance, without losing the softness and drapeyness, 

  The natural temperature regulation performance of Tencel and linen, give it excellent breathability, keeping your skin in the most comfortable, dry and breathable state at all times.

  Excellent anti-ultraviolet function of linen, which is also light and thin, provide excellent sun protection.

  All this benefit are produced with almost no chemical derivatives are produced or emit, which is completely harmless to the human body and zero pollution to the environment.(You can find more from the video here ( start from 40 second))