Restock-able fabric range 2022

Sand washed Lenzing fibre

Lenzing Viscose

Lenzing fibre is cellulose based material made from wood pulp and produced with an environmentally responsible process. The end fabric is soft and drapey and often combined with other fibres in both knits and woven. It is comfortable to wear, and offers great possibilities for design. It is non-toxic, non-polluting, degradable, and renewable, it is called “green fiber in the 21st century”.
Sand washed
Bemberg Cupro
Fluidly follows the movements of the body,
creating a seductive, charming sheen.
Feels soft and smooth to the touch – like a second skin.
For those who exude both elegance and gentleness.
With a shape and style for every occasion,
Bemberg enhances the attractiveness of the wearer.
Corn fibre Sorona 8003 -15

Knitted coating fabric

Our Sorona® fibre is a corn fibre, polyester and nylon blend in a specific ratio. It gives superior softness and comfort of natural fiber compares to polyester fiber or nylon fiber blends.It also provides faster wrinkle recovery to keep natural fabrics looking fresh and relaxed. Certified by the Sorona® Common Thread Fabric Certification Program to ensure the origin and the high-performance standards of this innovative, sustainably sourced fabric.
Sand washed
Naia™ plant based cellulose acetate
Combined wood pulp with acetic acid
to make cellulose acetate granules.Silk Fluidly follows the movements of the body. Extremely smooth to the touch, Naia™ helps create fabrics that glide lightly over your skin and drape elegantly to create alluring silhouettes. With inherent quick-drying and cool-to-touch properties, fabrics made with Naia™ cellulosic yarn keep your skin feeling cool and dry. Garments made of Naia™ are incredibly easy to care for; they can be laundered at home and have effective odor management and pilling resistance. Even traditionally tough stains—such as red wine and coffee—can be easily removed.