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Name SKU Composition Weight Width
1001-Sand washed stretchy Tencel linen mix 1001 98%tencel 2%Spandex 190g/m2 147cm
1002-Sand washed Tencel linen slub medium 21s 1002 70%tencel 30%linen 180g/m2 150cm
1003-Sand washed Tencel carlvery twill 1003 100% TENCEL 200g/m2 150cm
1004-Sand washed Tencel linen water wave pique 1004 100%tencel 190g/m2 145cm
1005-Sand washed Cupro viscose satin twill 1005 60%cupro 40%viscose 90g/m2 140cm
1006-Sand washed Viscose crepe 1006 40%viscose 60%rayon 110g/m2 143cm
1007-Sand washed Viscose tencel linen pineapple weave pique 1007 20%tencel 15%rayon 60%viscose 5%linen 188g/m2 148cm
1008-Sand washed Cupro Tencel satin 1008 49%curpo 51%tencel 105g/m2 152cm
1009-Sand washed Modal poplin 1009 80%modal 20%polyester 116g/m2 150cm
1015-Sand washed Modal carlvery twill 1015 100%modal 155g/m2 146cm
1024-Sand washed Tencel jaquard 1024 78%tencel 10%linen 10%nylon 2%spandex 140g/m2 146cm
1029-Sand washed Tencel linen slub medium light 30s 1029 80%tencel 20%linen 152g/m2 146cm
1030-Sand washed Tencel linen pique 1030 80%tencel 20%linen 200g/m2 142cm
1032-Sand washed Tencel linen slub medium 20s 1032 70%tencel 20%linen 170g/m2 145cm
1033-Sand washed Modal twill medium 1033 100% Modal 172g/m2 150cm
1035-Sand washed Tencel cotton horizontal stripe 1035 55%tencel 36%cotton 9%polyester 190g/m2 148cm
1037-Sand washed Tencel plain weave mediun 1037 100% TENCEL 138g/m2 145cm
1039-Sand washed Cupro rayon satin 1039 50%cupro 50%rayon 150g/m2 140cm
1044-Sand washed Cupro Tencel linen 1044 48%cupro 32%linen 20%tencel 145g/m2 153cm
1045-Sand washed Cupro Tencel little Jacqard 1045 42%cupro 58%tencel 160g/m2 146cm
1052-Sand washed Stretchy Tencel cotton medium 1052 58% Tencel 40% cotton 2% spandex 185g/m2 148cm
1058-Sand washed Cupro linen pique 1058 40%curpo 60%linen 170g/m2 150cm
1062-Sand washed Cupro satin 1062 100%cupro 90g/m2 145cm
1063-Sand washed Sanded Tencel twill Medium light 30s 1063 100% TENCEL 166g/m2 148cm
1064-Sand washed Sanded Tencel twill Medium 21s 1064 100% TENCEL 210g/m2 146cm
1073-Sand washed Modal plain weave 1073 100%modal 180g/m2 140cm
1075-Sand washed Tencel cotton twill 1075 60% Tencel 40% cotton 230g/m2 146cm
1076-Sand washed Stretchy Tencel cotton coating 1076 60% Tencel 37% cotton 3% Spandex 290g/m2 145cm
1078-Sand washed Stretchy Tencel polyester mix 1078 70%tencel 15%nylon 13%polyester 2%spandex 80g/m2 145cm
1079-Sand washed Tencel slub 1079 100% TENCEL 150g/m2 145cm
1080-Sand washed Stretchy modal twill 1080 80%modal 20%polyester 202g/m2 148cm
1081-Sand washed Modal pique 1081 79%modal 21%polyester 198g/m2 149cm
1091-Sand washed Stretchy Tencel linen mix 1091 40%cotton 30%linen 28%tencel 2spandex 185g/m2 147cm
1092-Sand washed Tencel linen circle weave 1092 90%tencel 10%linen 150g/m2 145cm
1094-Sand washed Modal polyester twill 1094 85%modal 15polyester 115g/m2 148cm
1095-Sand washed Tencel rayon crepe 1095 64%tencel 36%rayon 177g/m2 136cm
1097-Sand washed Tencel linen slub(bark weave) 1097 50%tencel 50%linen 165g/m2 146cm
1102-Sand washed Tencel pin stripe 2 1102 99%tencel 1%polyester 170g/m2 146cm
1103-Sand washed Cupro pin stripe 1103 63%cupro 35%viscose 2%Polyester [65% cupro 35%viscose] 118g/m2 140cm
1104-Sand washed Viscose satin 1104 100%viscose 200g/m2 138cm
1105-Sand washed Modal big twill 1105 95%modal 5%polyester 180g/m2 148cm
1106-Sand washed Tencel linen twill 1106 85%tencel 15linen 200g/m2 145cm
1108-Sand washed Stretchy Tencel cotton twill 1108 40%tencel 30%cotton 30%polyester 222g/m2 145cm
1110-Sand washed Stretchy Tencel Satin 1110 68% tencel 30%polyester 2%spandex 124g/m2 146cm
1112-Sand washed Stretchy Tencel double guaze 1112 37%tencel 24%rayon 39%polyester 338g/m2 142cm
1120-Sand washed Stretchy Tencel cotton twill (right direction) 1120 45%tencel 30%cotton 21%nylon 4%spandex 172g/m2 147cm
1132-Sand washed High stretchy tencel twill 1132 70%tencel 30%sutans 175g/m2 146cm
1133-Sand washed Pro viscose twill 1133 100% proviscose 178g/m2 148cm
1150-Sand washed Tencel pin stripe pine apple pique 1150 98%tencel 2%polyester 210g/m2 148cm
1155-Sand washed Stretchy modal satin 9088 1155 75%modal 23%polyester 2%spandex 115g/m2 146cm
1180-Sand washed Cupro viscose twill 1180 60%cupro 40%viscose 111g/m2 140cm
1189-Sand washed Cupro tencel twill 1189 40%curpo 60%tencel 88g/m2 152cm
1201-Sand washed Cupro plain weave 75D 1201 100%cupro 78g/m2 138cm
1203-Sand washed Cupro bark crepe 1203 65%curpo 35%tencel 140g/m2 150cm
1204-Sand washed Viscose Silk Crinkled Georgette crepon georgette 1204 100%viscose 50g/m2 125cm
1205-Sand washed 120D crepe 1205 100%viscose 120g/m2 140cm
1206-Sand washed 75D viscose dual crepe 1206 100%viscose 105g/m2 130cm
1207-Sand washed Cupro square 1207 100%curpo 132g/m2 135cm
1209-Sand washed Tencel dual colour way 1209 40%tencel 30%cotton 28%nylon 2%spandex 175g/m2 147cm
1210-Sand washed Cupro viscose satin crepe 1210 75%cupro 13%viscose 12%rayon 170g/m2 140cm
1211-Sand washed Cupro viscose plain weave 1211 65%cupro 35%viscose 118g/m2 140cm
1215-Sand washed Tencel square 1215 100%tencel 235g/m2 146cm
1218-Sand washed Tencel silk 1218 70%tencel 28%polyester 2%spandex 125g/m2 140cm
1219-Sand washed Tencel satin dual colour way 1219 70%tencel 28%polyester 2%spandex 128g/m2 142cm
1220-Sand washed Stretchy cupro viscose 1220 66%cupro 30%viscose 4%spandex 148g/m2 135cm
1221-Sand washed Viscose stripe crepe 1221 100%viscose 115g/m2 129cm
1222-Sand washed Stretchy Acetate Satin 1222 75%acetate 21%nylon 4%spandex 237g/m2 125cm
1223-Sand washed Tencel pin stripe 1223 98%tencel 2%polyester 165g/m2 148cm
1224-Sand washed Viscose tencel linen 1224 45%viscose 12%rayon 35%tencel 8%linen 105g/m2 148cm
1225-Sand washed Tencel rayon linen 1225 42%tencel 42%rayon 14%linen 2%spandex 174g/m2 150cm
1226-Sand washed Tencel wide thin stripe 1226 90%tencel 10%polyester 175g/m2 147cm
1227-Sand washed Cupro bark crepe(wave) 1227 80%curpo 20%viscose 145g/m2 150cm
1228-Sand washed Cupro effect silky crepe 1228 100%viscose 65g/m2 143cm
1230-Sand washed Viscose silk 1230 100%viscose 138g/m2 140cm
1231-Sand washed Viscose Satin 1231 100%viscose 85g/m2 130cm
1233-Sand washed Tencel plain weave medium light 1233 100% TENCEL 80g/m2 145cm
1327-Sand washed Sanded Lenzing Tencel twill 1327 100% TENCEL 238g/m2 150cm
1980-Sand washed Cupro plain weave 1980 100%cupro 115g/m2 142cm
1981-Sand washed 50D viscose dual crepe 1981 100%viscose 68g/m2 142cm
1982-Sand washed Cupro Tencel twill 1982 60%cupro 40%tencel 145g/m2 150cm
1983-Sand washed Stretchy pro viscose 1983 96%viscose 4%spandex 168g/m2 135cm
2001-Sand washed Yarn dyed tencel small check 2001 30%tencel 70%viscose 125g/m2 58cm
2002-Sand washed Yarn dyed tencel medium small check 2002 30%tencel 70%viscose 125g/m2 58cm
2003-Sand washed Yarn dyed tencel medium check 2003 30%tencel 70%viscose 125g/m2 58cm
2004-Sand washed Yarn dyed tencel big check 2004 30%tencel 70%viscose 125g/m2 58cm
2011-Sand washed Yarn dyed tencel thin stripe 2011 30%tencel 70%viscose 125g/m2 58cm
2012-Sand washed Yarn dyed tencel medium stripe 2012 30%tencel 70%viscose 125g/m2 58cm
2013-Sand washed Yarn dyed tencel medium wide stripe 2013 30%tencel 70%viscose 125g/m2 58cm
2014-Sand washed Yarn dyed tencel wide stripe 2014 30%tencel 70%viscose 125g/m2 58cm
3003-Sand washed 75D tencel satin 3003 100%tencel 152g/m2 142cm
3005-Sand washed Sanded Lyocell carlvery twill cupro effect 3005 100%Lyocell 168g/m2 146cm
3006-Sand washed Cupro wide thin stripe 3006 60%cupro 38%viscose 2%polyester 105g/m2 140cm
3007-Sand washed Trio Acetate satin crepe 3007 100% acetate 145g/m2 146cm
3008-Sand washed Trio Acetate satin 3008 77% acetate 23%spandex 225g/m2 146cm
3009-Sand washed Sanded Trio acetate crepe 3009 100% Acetate 165g/m2 160cm
3010-Sand washed Stretchy Trio acetate satin 3010 65%acetate 30%polyester 5%spandex 115g/m2 145cm
8001-Sand washed Cupro pique jersey 8001 70%modal 30%polyester 190g/m2 160cm
8002-Sand washed Cupro jersey 8002 70%modal 30%polyester 180g/m2 160cm
8003-Sand washed Sanded Sorona fibre 8003 95% Sorona 5% Spandex 413g/m2 170cm
8004-Sand washed Cupro rib jersey 8004 70%modal 30%polyester 195g/m2 160cm
8008-Sand washed Cupro twill jersey 8008 70%modal 30%polyester 195g/m2 155cm