Modern and chic aren’t usually the first words you think of when someone says buttons!

However those are the cornerstones of our button collection, we provide makers with buttons that fill them with excitement and add the perfect finishing touch to their garments. We celebrate and encourage creativity, picking up a needle and thread and putting your heart into your craft.

We love working with fashion designers and new and established fashion labels, minimums for bulk ordering our buttons start at 500. Contact us for a quote.

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Aberystwyth Button Set (Shirting Size)

April showers – 25mm

April showers Button Set (Shirting size)

Bloody Valentine – 15mm shirting buttons

Bloom – 15mm shirting size -xlsp.3196

Brighton Button Card

Brighton Button Set (Shirting Size)


Chai Latte 15mm shirting size -zd-lxsp.LX0415

Chai Latte button card

Cherry bomb – 15mm shirting buttons

Folklore Button Set (Shirting Size)

Formby Buttons (Shirting Size)

Hocus Pocus 15mm shirting size -zd-lx0215

Hocus Pocus Button card

Ice-cream sobet

Moon Flint Button Set (shirting size)

Mystic Meg Button Card

Mystic Meg Button Set (Shirting Size)

Nights Shade button set(shirting size)

Ocean Lepoard Button card

Ocean Lepoard Button card (35mm)

Ocean Lepoard Button card(30mm)

Painterly – 15mm shirting buttons

Painterly Button card

Pic ‘n’ mix

Pure Shores Button Set(Shirting Size)

Roswell button card

Roswell Button Set(shirting size)

Savanna -LX0525

Savanna 15mm shirting size -LX0515

Southend-On-Sea Button Card

Southend-On-Sea Button Set (Shirting Size)

Wicked button button set(shirting size)

Wicked button card

Witches Brew button card

Wuthering -zd-lxsp.302.82d

Wuthering 15mm shirting size -zd-lxsp.LX0315