Pigeonwishes shops were original started from a small independent business selling on Etsy.com.

Coming from a humble startup. We understand how difficult it is to build your reputation in the market and maintain a great brand image.That's why we spend a lot of time thinking how we can add value to customers.

After chatting with business owners we decided to work on these three elements: curated stock, faultless and small minimum order requirement.

Curated stock

We understand how vital quality of stock is for our customer. That is why we aim to hand pick everything we stock and only make purchases after we had handled it ourselves. 

It is costive and time consuming, but by doing this we ensure that the feeling of material is right and provide the best quality in the market. 

Fautless stock

Fabric will always have faults, everyone knows it is the fact. However, we want to challenge this!

 In order to reduce our customers receiving small defects, resulting in cost and wasted time cutting and chopping. we decided to only work with manufactures that can maintain high standard. 

Our fabric has been prior checked by the supplier and an independent professional fabric checker. We will also check before we send the order to you. We believe by doing this we can reduce defects to the minimum.

Small minimum order required

We understand how important cashflow is for the small business. That is why we are offering small minimum order requirement. Whilst aiming to provide reasonable prices in the market. We are trying to achieve this by finding the best source of the stock, investing in an automatic folding machine and reducing our admin cost.