Bloom - 15mm shirting size -xlsp.3196
Bio resin
The buttons for the modern minded
Modern and chic aren’t usually the first words you think of when someone says buttons! However those are the cornerstones of our button collection, we provide makers with buttons that fill them with excitement and add the perfect finishing touch to their garments. We celebrate and encourage creativity, picking up a needle and thread and putting your heart into your craft.
Make it
embedded colors and patterns
The production of resin buttons can be embedded in various colors and patterns without painting the buttons. The natural resin is known for its hypoallergenicity, so it is a popular choice for people with sensitive skin.

The various layering of the fiber brings varying degrees of transparency and patterns to the buttons. Then this beautiful design makes the resin buttons a more ideal choice than any other material.

April showers - 25mm -xlsp.3.54
Light, Durability, Rich design
Durable is the key factor that makes resin buttons stand out from traditional plastics or other materials. resin buttons are made by cutting, molding and polishing multiple pieces of material, which makes them very durable.

If the buttons does not have any design or color, would you consider choosing it? The design of bio resin buttons had proved its ability to re-define the fashion.

The traditional buttons is usually print with colors and patterns. It may have a nice design or color when its new. Daily use will cause its surface color and pattern to fade. After a year or even a few months, their appearance may not be as good as before. However, our embedded design can maintain its characteristics more effectively without spraying or paint!

Hand picked
Do you know some of pigeonwishes buttons are picked by hand one by one? Once we received the button, we have to pour them on a big table and hand pick the uneven, not shinny, not smooth one out. Further more, we will do a colour match to make sure each button card have a set of tone, every button on the card have a match pattern. That's how we get 1500+ 5 star review on our Etsy shop.