recycle your bolting boards

Who understands? Empty bolting boards are stacked in the adjoining room of the shop/warehouse. It’s becoming an issue to deal with them at the end of the day.

The question is:

“Can the be reused?”

Yes, they can! Your perfectly good bolting boards do not have to end up in the garbage, but can now be recycled more easily.

how it works!

We can come to your workspace, usually on Thursday or Friday (when we  delivery goods around the London) and happily take usable empty bolting boards from you.

Leave it to pigeonwishes, we are happy to take them and use them again (and hopefully again and again!!!)

Send us an email ( or text message @ +44(0)7782539962 to book a time slot.

We really hope an Uncomplicated return can encourage sustainable recycling! 

The covered area: