I’ve been avoiding this little corner of internet I created this year (hello Spring!!) and sharing stuff online that the majority of my family doesn’t know left me feeling very, very awkward. However the amazing, amazing words you’ve written to me and the feeling felt cannot be expressed by a small sentence online and I can only say the biggest thank you.

and back to our favourite topic. Sewing!!!

Last years make nine feel kinda flat. Counting I made 4 of them, which is more than I thought I did. However, two are unwearable which is probably why I blanked them from my memory…Looking back the list was thrown together with little thought of practicality or sewing a wardrobe that would work in my day to day life.

I believe in the power of lists and older, *ahem* wiser here’s my list for 2017..


By Hand London, Victoria Blazer

I’ve made this pattern before but I want to make it again a different view (the cropped one you can see in the picture). I like everything about this pattern but made the mistake of making the sleeveless view the first time round and it is too cold to be going out in a sleeveless blazer most of the time!

Deer and Doe, Lupin Jack

Another jacket, which will fill a gap I have in my wardrobe for a Spring jacket. At the moment I go straight from a Winter coat to coatless purely because I have no go between.

Closet Case Files, Carolyn Pyjamas

I desperately need Pyjamas. I can’t even remember a time I bought/owned pyjamas. I’ve been surviving off big t-shirts and very old leggings for over a decade and after stealing my husbands pyjamas for a weekend I realised I need to have a set of pyjamas in my life.

Kommatia, Cropped trousers

The thought of having a staple pair of flattering trousers is a dream. I’m turning away from dresses and skirts ,which used to be my uniform, to just wanting to live in trouser.

Butterick, B6285 Wrap Top

Again I’m in need of tops. I have enough summer clothes and this year is gonna be all about separates and layering.

Simplicity, 1950’s Qipao

This is the only really impractical make on the list. I love Qipao’s. I own a few but would love to be able to make my own. I was ecstatic when this pattern was re-released, I had been stalking the original on Etsy for a year, and bought it immediately.


Simple Sew, Cara Jumpsuit

I joined the Simple Sew Bloggers Network and this make jumpsuit has been on the list for a few months…oops. That being said I have really wanted to make this jumpsuit as I love the how easy jumpsuits are to wear. The wonderful Eleanor from nelnanandnora gave me the one she made it’s really a lovely jumpsuit.

Sew Over It, Heather dress

I’ve wanted this dress ever since I saw it as a class about two years ago AND FINALLY IT’S MINE MWHAHAHAHAHAHA and yeah, it looks like a really comfortable and practical dress 🙂

Tilly and the Buttons, Cleo

I’ve made this one!! That’s one off the list. I got some African wax print which was perfect for this pattern and this was my first make for 2017. A super easy sew that really got my sewjo going.

I’ve got a massive list of patterns I want to sew through and this year I plan to sew fearlessly. Vintage patterns..let me at you. Difficult fabrics..I’m coming for you. And new skills..you will be learnt!!!

Happy sewing




Floralotte…Or My By Hand London Charlotte skirt with Flora bodice Failure

Hello!! Is anyone else feeling that promise of Spring and more daylight joy? I have had a couple of health problems but I have sewed up a storm I want to share with you guys 🙂 but before that I needed to post this make. The first failed project I’m showcasing on this blog.

Floralotte. Oh, Floralotte. I felt all sewing blogger when I planned this dress. An indie pattern, check. A hacking challenge, check. And last but not least a gorgeous Japanese fabric, check. I was ready to take my sewing blogger level.

However, I’ve never made anything i love so much and hate so much at the same time! Her in all her glory!


Now down to why I hate her! Number One. Fitting issues. The pattern I used the By Hand London Flora is marked at easy and it was, putting together the bodice was like a dream!! The pattern makes inserting a lining a piece of cake and the finishing looks like someone advanced and skilled made it….but the fitting. If you know how to adapt a bodice to your size, it’s all good, but I don’t know and relied totally on the sew along. I have broad shoulder and small bust and a normal waist. This added up to a small bust adjustment (my bust was sooo baggy), which I just couldn’t understand how to do! I honestly found the BHL sew along useless for showing how to do the adjustment. At risk of sounds dumb, there was not enough pictures to show the beginning, middle and end for the adjustment. Plus,I couldn’t work out how to do the adjustment with making the waist too small.

When I made my toile, I tried to pinch out the extra fabric. I pinched until my self esteem couldn’t take it anymore and ended up making the bust dart twice as big . Also the dart didn’t point to my nipple so I just tried to angle it down to the right place. By the end it was a butchered, big, sad looking dart..and the bodice is still too loose.


Number Two. I made the skirt too short and too tight. It covers my bum and that’s it. The dress squeezes at my thighs and is loose on my waist. The MAIN problem with all my high street bought clothes and why I turned to sewing for a better fit!! The Charottle skirt pattern has been so good to me. I made a big mistake for this project, I wanted the skirt shorter at the last minute, so I thought…let me just sew the waist up higher, it didn’t even occur to me how it would change the whole fit of the skirt until I was finished and tried it on. Thinking of all my labour time for a unwearable dress *sad song plays in head*

Last Problem. Pattern matching. You can see the back matching problem but this side problem drives me crazy!


Especially because the otherside is perfect!!!


When I started reading sewing blogs I never thought of the pile of unwearable, sadness I would have to accept as a beginner rite of passage.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions of what I can do with the fabric I would love to hear them and would be so grateful! I really do love the fabric and don’t want to waste it on a spoilt project.

Sorry for such a grim post!! Should be posting my next, more successful, make soon 🙂

Bye for now 🙂