Simple Sew, Batwing Dress

I’ve been a hive of sewing productivity having publicly pledged four makes on youtube this month, which is two more than my usual output!!! This deadline has really given me no chance to abandon a make mid project, something that had started to happen a bit too regularly.

This month has been unusually sewing busy for more reasons. I was asked to be part of the Simplicity Bloggers team. It literally boggles my mind how two years ago I could barely sew a complete item and knew no one else who sewed and now I’ve met the most amazing ladies who I feel are close friends and I’m trusted to participate in a bloggers team….and everyone, including me, bought the the sewing machine thinking it would just sit under my bed unused.

Now, here is my make for Simple Sew. The Batwing dress and jumper.

_MG_0487 (1)副本

Such a refreshingly quick make which took me; a procrastinating, tea drinking, biscuit break muncher, a day.

The Fabric

I got the fabric from White Tree Fabrics, some people might recognise this as an Art Gallery Fabric. Their fabric is pretty easy to spot. The colour really is this vibrant, I think I’m the loudest dressed person in the majority of rooms in this dress and that’s exactly how I want to dress this Autumn/Winter. I am determined to leave behind the greys and blacks that I automatically go for as soon as it gets dark earlier. The Iris film gave me an urge to stay away from buying black fabric and while I do have a piece or two in my stash, I’m going boldly to a brighter wardrobe.


The pattern

This is the Simple Sew pattern and keeping in mind I got the pattern and fabric for being their blogger an unbiased review is not going to happen! I will say I really enjoyed how fast and absolutely my style this pattern was. I made the dress a size 10, I needed to make the cuffs smaller but that was it. I’m learning that if a pattern has a batwing I’m drawn like a moth to a flame!

I made it much shorter because the fabric was so bold and it would have gotten a bit much having the big sleeves, a turtle neck AND a longer dress.


I’ve been enjoying reading peoples Autumn sewing plans (summer is really over!) and I think it might be the season I enjoy sewing for the most. I’m moving so I’m packing all my fabric, a respectable two boxes, and am dreaming up my next Autumn piece.

Happy sewing xx