Toile Rosa Shirtdress, Tilly and the Buttons

This is my quick and dirty toile of the Rosa. I’ve not posted my toiles before (mostly because it is rare that I make them!!) but I thought if you’re similar in build to me and have this pattern this might help you out but please forgive the lack of love put into sewing everything about this!!


The Fit

Shirts have always been bane of my RTW shopping experience. I’m size 10, a B cup with broad shouldered and probably broad backed. The buttons around the bust area always gape open, even when I go up a size. I’ve had the popping open of buttons which should only be the privilege of the more well endowed….and this shirt is no exception.

I sewed a size 3 on top grading up to a 4 on the waist and the hips. I have a good fit on the waist. The sleeves, not a 3/4 length on me, finish at an odd place and I’m definitely gonna extend them down as I didn’t like the tab option.

The pictures are of the dress when I fiddled with with bust seam as shown on the tutorial but I need more than the 1.5 seam allowance to get the right fit. If you can see the seams don’t quite go over my nipples like they are supposed to. Also the pulling around the armpits means I need to adjust the armhole. However, I am pleasantly surprised about how well the fit on the shoulders are.



The fabric

I didn’t help myself with the choice of fabric I used, I got this for free at a fabric swap, and it is so thin and shows every rushed seam in all their wrinkly glory. I have no idea what the content is but I think it’s a colour suited to very few.


I’m currently working on making the adjustment for the next version. If anyone has any hints, tips and tricks for getting the fit right I am all ears and would be very grateful!!

Happy sewing,