GBSB, Knit Draped Dress with Matching Headband!

Hello and Merry almost Christmas!! I hope none of you are still desperately sewing Christmas presents like me!

I might not have finished any of the presents I’ve planned but I made sure to get my Christmas dress done! This is the first dress I’ve made for christmas and I went from planning a ball gown, too impractical for a day of eating and tv watching. To planning sewing up some pyjamas to spend all day in, which I started to question. Is it really OK to plan spending a day, already completely gluttonous, not bothering to change clothes?? So, I went for a comfortable, loose dress instead.

The Pattern

This is the Drapey Knit dress from the Great British Sewing Bee book, Fashion with Fabrics.

This is my first project sewing with jersey and using my overlocker. This pattern was a lovely project to start with. Interesting enough to not look too basic and it came together pretty easy. It took me a bit of head scratching to understand how to do the necklace origami but not for too long!


The book does a version in stripes and brilliantly showed me how to put the pattern pieces to get the stripes right. Which was such a relief!!!

One thing I’ll mention, and I don’t know if this I did the origami bit wrong, but getting this over my head takes a bit of effort! I used interfacing on the facing, which the book says to do, and it’s too tight. Anyone else get this?? Or is it just me and my big head haha

I sewed a size small and (apart from the head thing!) It’s fits lovely.

The changes

As usual, before I make a pattern I track down every blogger who has made the pattern previously to see what they changed/liked/adapted. The general consensus was to ditch the pockets. They added too much bulk about the middle and never stayed flat. So I left the pockets out.

There were two versions of this dress a longer one without sleeves and a shorter, more tunic style version with sleeves. I meshed them together for a long dress with sleeves combination #winterishere

I could have gone more playful with the stripes but I wanted to go with flattering. All diagonal stripes on the back to slim my derriere 🙂

the back.jpg

I only shortened the dress a little and didn’t change the sleeve length, which is supposed to be 3/4 length but because I’m shorter I knew it would be longer.

The Shame

Now it’s almost Christmas my usual tea has been replaced with a mug of mulled wine but I repeat I was NOT drunk when I hemmed!!

meg hems

I’m almost questioning my sobriety when thinking back to sewing this bit. I completely lost control of the fabric! I only used my sewing machine to hem and the bottom of the dress and sleeves both turned out awful!! I think it’s because I didn’t stretch the fabric as I sewed?? Must look this up for the future!

The headband

I am so in love with the matching headband I made with the fabric scraps!! Who knew I could feel like such an old Hollywood movie star in all (questionable fabric content) jersey!! haha

meg headband

I hate wearing hats in winter, trying to get one to cover my afro is a nightmare, and I have been wearing the same headband since it’s started to get cold. So I copied all its pieces onto pattern tracing paper, added the seam allowance and sewed it up.

meg batwings

Everyone is thinking ‘what on earth is she doing, this is a place to appreciate art’

As you can see there are loads of people in the background of the pictures! It was a nightmare!! I felt like a mug. I was posing for 40 minutes (it’s usually takes much less time but I was so self conscious that loads of the pictures were just me standing looking awkward and loads of pictures had people standing in front of me) freezing and hoping people weren’t judging me too much!

It was completely my fault because even though it was an early Sunday morning, it was the last day of Ai Wei Wei’s exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. Did anyone else get to see it? It was one of those exhibitions that was gripping from the beginning to the end.

ai wei 2.jpg

ai wei 1.jpg

Sewing with knits has made me a bit overexcited. The world of quick, comfortable makes has opened up and my me-made wardrobe is gonna get loads more wear now I’m finally sewing with knits!!

Have a lovely Christmas xxxx