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2022SS colour trend from London fashion week


Tranquil blue is a calming colour, which brings peace and tranquillity to the human mind. It provide feeling of protection, and conveys the effect of calm, confidence and well connected, creating an elegant and independent femininity. 

In the spring and summer 2022 show, this colour with a sense of luxury is making its way back. The low-key tones shows the aristocratic atmosphere, integrated with the smooth and breathable Tencel and Modal fabrics, make a simple and practical modern wearing aesthetic.

Sanded Lenzing Tencel Twill(21S) -1064 --33 teal

Lenzing modal 1033-19, 100% modal, 172g, 150cm

Indigo Blue with green elements added to show an classical art atmosphere. Teal colours appeared in ceramic handicrafts long time ago, its inherent noble temperament, depicts a variety of literary and artistic flavors. It re-endows women with an independent, elegant and mature.

Sanded Lenzing Tencel Twill(21S) -1064 --23 fresh green

Green is a refreshing, rich colour without losing vitality. With high saturation, it can prolong the life indefinitely. It can not only make people feel the vitality of dressing, but also remind people of nature. Many brands used this colour for the show in 2022.


Warm and bright yellow is the best color to interpret the softness and tactility of Tencel and Modal, it enriches the fashionality of the fabric, creating a new style that combines practicality and comfort

Sanded Tencel twill medium weight 1064-37 FABRIC - 12

Intense and vivid red represents boldness, enthusiasm and unrestrainedness, giving people the strength to move forward while leaving deep memories, showing female elegance, femininity, hot and independent character

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