We source fabric with an intent to lessen the pressures fashion and textiles put onto the planet.

We are proud to have a large and comprehensive selection of natural, sustainable fibres to present to the fabric retail market.

Our Tencel and Modal products are created from an innovative wood-based cellulose fibre process that creates a highly soft and beautiful fibres. Using closed-loop production, 99.8% of the solvents and dyes used in this process are reused. The end product is biodegradable and compostable. All these factors create ideal, eco-friendly fabrics.

Cupro is made for cotton linter, usually a waste product. Incredibly smooth, breathable and antistatic

Deadstock is fabric produced that is no longer needed and is regarded as waste. Fabric like this is a common by production of fast fashion, we source deadstock to minimise production of new fabrics and use what has already been made. Deadstock fabric allows us to buy exclusive prints and provide unique fabrics to the market.

Our deadstock prints are from Italy, China, South korea and Japan. The material is mix with Cotton, linen and viscose.

We use Recycled Card, Paper, Craft and Packaging

We try to integrate sustainable element in our product and brand as much as possible.

For example, our button holder clear bag is cellulose based bio-degradable bag.

Our greeting, backing card and posting bag is made from 100% recyclable & biodegradable paperboard certified by the FSC.

We constantly review our product and packaging and keep improving.

Bolting board
Who understands? Empty bolting boards are stacked in the adjoining room of the shop/warehouse. It’s becoming an issue to deal with them at the end of the day.

The question is:

“Can the be reused?”

Yes, they can! Your perfectly good bolting boards do not have to end up in the garbage, but can now be recycled more easily.

We really hope an Uncomplicated return can encourage sustainable recycling! 

The covered area: UK Mainland