Pattern Pyramid Giveaway!!!

Calling all sewing bloggers, the Pattern Pyramid box is ready to venture out into the world again!!

Last year I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the pattern pyramid or, as I call it, the box of pure joy. The pattern pyramid is the creation of Karen of Did you make that, she was given some vintage patterns and decided to spread the pattern love with the rest of us. Catherine, the original pattern donor, also has a charity that, if possible, winners can donation too.

Basically in the Pattern Pyramid you receive a box of patterns, you get to keep a pattern from the box, then you add a pattern in and send it off to the next lucky recipient and this cycle will go on and on and hopefully travel all round the world!!

If you are pattern junkie like me just seeing all the various pattern goodness will be a treat but the real joy is you get to keep a pattern or two 🙂

Here’s what I added to the pile.


Yes, that’s a By Hand London pattern you see in the mix. Me and Anna just weren’t right together but I hope she can give someone else happiness.

Wait, I’ve added more patterns.


and these are only the patterns I’m entering…there are sooooooo many more!!!


There are a whole heap of patterns ranging from all the decades and with multiple sizes. Retro, vintage, modern…I’m sure there’s a pattern for you.

The rules?

1. You must be committed to passing on the pattern pyramid. So hosting a giveaway, picking a winner randomly and paying for the delivery.

2. Leave a comment in my reply section, with a link to your blog, by the 25th April.

and thats it!! This is worldwide so just enter and keep your fingers crossed. Sorry it’s blog only but maybe this can be a motivator for starting a blog?

I added a lot of patterns because I was greedy when it come to choosing what I wanted to keep. Usually it’s a one in, one put rule. So please forgive me and I hope the stack I put in makes up for my indecisiveness.

The lovely patterns I chose, yep I think I’ve fallen in love with the 60’s. I really couldn’t choose which one I loved more :/


Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour :p