French Sewing magazines

Hello! I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in this post but I LOVE snooping at other countries sewing resources so maybe this might interest a few people…

I’m in the lucky position of being able to pop to a sleepy french town every so often. My mum and stepdad have decided England is too cold/expensive and want to retire in France. They’ve bought a lovely little house and are renovating it so they can spend their golden years gardening and drinking wine for breakfast.

While the crafting/sewing boom is awaking, sewing magazines have been springing up all over. I’ve taken the chance to stock up on French sewing magazines (even though I don’t speak a word of the language) and thought someone would maybe be interested in what they have to offer their home sewers.

Now, starting from my favourite!

Introducing La Victor Maison (which is actually Dutch but is sold all over France, thanks Jennystitch for letting me know! I don’t want to get in misrepresentation troubles :p)


I’ve only got two issues but I’m going to start getting them regularly. I love how contemprary this magazine is and there is literally a project for every member of the family, so no selfish sewing excuses!!

How adorable is this dress! Sent me off on a broody spell. I’ve never been interested in sewing for children but this dress turned me.


Every pattern is very chic and beautifully styled.


I don’t speak French but that is not an issue because the step by step pictured instructions to sewing each garment is fantastic!!! They lead you through everything. It’s brilliantly done.


I need to sew up this coat for Spring next year!


The hype about this magazine are definitely well founded.


My other favourite but less talked about magazine is Couture Mode.


It only has patterns for women and they are gorgeous. There are not as many patterns as Burdastyle but the tracing is much easier.


This magazine also has fantastic instructions. They even include pictures of sewing needle to show you even more clearly that this is where you sew, I love it! No need for google translator.


The magazine is very modern and all the patterns are lovely, a few are on my very long sewing list.


Now I have an overlocker I can finally make this dress!! It is such a staple and for some reason I love the turtleneck, they used to bother me before but I’m dreaming of some soft Bamboo Stretch Knit on my neck keeping me warm.



Another magazine I sometimes like to buy is Elena Couture. It definitely has an older feel to it and is one of the French sewing magazines that doesn’t seem so targeted towards trends.


This magazine has a slightly Burdastyle feel to it. There are loads of patterns, lots of confusing tracing to do and questionable styling choices.


But like Burdastyle they do have some nice pattern options (I particularly like the dress below) it just takes a bit more vision on your part. Nothing that screams MAKE ME IMMEDIATELY!! but nice bits that I know will get made when I find the right fabric or want to stash bust.


This dress kinda reminds me of the Pauline Alice Xerea dress, which I was so on the fence about buying.


So don’t be put off by the cover! Have a look and you might find something you love. If you have any friends/relatives travelling to France these would be the magazines I would ask them to bring back for me.

What I love about French sewing magazines is they give me exactly what I want. Loads of patterns and a fairly detailed sewing process. They know there is a massive  clothes making community and we want patterns!!!! that are wearable and interesting!

With sewing magazines in England it feels like I’m spending a good amount of money (£6) to buy a very long advertisment brochure Sometimes as much as 60% of the context is ‘look! you should buy this at the most expensive price possible’…*cough* Simply Sewing magazine *cough*. Fellow Brits, is this a valid point? make, sew, do did a more detailed post here which puts into words exactly my feelings too. That being said I do like the direction Love Sewing is going in and have recently bought a 6 month subscription (It can with Chinelo’s book too!!)

I still feel really envious of other European sewing magazines, from what I’ve seen/heard their magazines are filled with loads of gorgeous patterns. Finland is supposed to have some of the best sewing magazines. One which Named Clothing does all the patterns for!!

How about other countries?? America, Australia, New Zealand…I’m really curious, what are your sewing magazines like?