My August Makes Vlog

I didn’t know if I promised too much in my last video but I’ve never been more resolved to stick to my sewing list and sewing deadline ever! Here are my results, it’s a mixed bag but each make came with a multiple of lessons learned.

I do like to ramble on about patterns so each make is getting it’s own blog post too. I have so much to share and for the first time have a backlog of items to blog about. So expect a flurry of posts!

Hope you enjoy this latest vlog, I tried to get fancy with it!

Happy sewing and have a good week!

Meg xx



Anderson Blouse, Sew Over It

I’m so conflicted, I really want to love this pattern but have some issues that need to be resolved. Namely in the two days I’ve worn this top more then three people have seen my bra, time to invest in vests?

The Pattern

I quickly snapped up the Anderson Blouse when it was first released with a special offer.


The instructions are sparser then I usually like my instructions and I got confused during the collar and cuff construction but it was still a quick and fun sew.

The Fabric

This was some very cheap (I was told cotton but for £1 a meter really!?!) fabric I got from the man outside Sainsburys in Walthamstow. I love the colour and it was my first fabric shopping trip where I bought no prints, only sensible solids.

This fabric drapes beautifully but is so thin, this is purely a summer top. Unfortunately, when I was cutting out the fabric, I used a few thick pins which left small holes in some of the the fabric D: #sewinghorrorstory

The Fit

This fabric was so cheap I used it for a toile and sewed up a straight, no adjustments, size 10. I usually size up for SOI patterns but reading around, people said this pattern comes out big so I stayed with my measured size. This has some problems, the blouse all at once feels too tight for my shoulders and yet I feel surrounded by too much fabric.


There is so much fabric in the sleeves and I’ve read about some people going a size smaller with this pattern because they wanted it with less fabric but, for me, I think it would be too tight on my shoulders. If I do this top with sleeves again I would also need to shorten the sleeves.

I really didn’t want to hand stitch the front together because I wanted the top to flow around me but you will expose yourself without hand stitching the front together. Even with hand stitching once I sat down and my belly popped out, I think that’s just the gamble you take with a top like this.

Another annoyance was that the gathered shoulders kept on falling backwards and would not properly sit on my shoulders whilst I was walking or with the wind. I felt like I was constantly readjusting myself. I’m not sure what I can do to fix that.

I’ve not given up on this pattern and a sleeveless version is on my list because I’ve gotten so many compliments of this blouse.



One detail most people agree on is that the drawstring tie at the end of the blouse adds too much bulk around the waist and is largely unflattering. I also got rid of the  drawstring and used two snap fasteners there instead.

Just as I was pondering what kind of tall, thin goodness could possibly get away with wearing this top with the drawstring bottom without looking pregnant. It hit me. This would make an awesome maternity top! When I (eventually) get pregnant this blouse is on the top of my list.


I’ve read people who find this top unflattering but I really like it on them. I think this type of top looks better on then you feel in it. Hefty yet elegant are the words I’ld say I feel in this blouse.

The blouse really doesn’t stand up to an active and windy day. The second time I wore this blouse, with a high waisted skirt, the hand stitching broke and I basically spent the day as a flasher. However, I think I will wear this blouse a lot because it is so comfortable and it looks lovely.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a whole bunch of lovely sewing ladies  (Alexa, Ana, ElenaNina, Alex, Gabby and more) because of cocowawa crafts GBSB meet up. Watching the Sewing Bee with people as hyped about sewing as me was wonderful. I’m definitely going next week and if you’re in London I would say pop in and see what it’s like.

Happy sewing xx

Knit Boxy Tunic, Kommatia Patterns

So, is it too soon for co-ords to make a comeback? My sewing is only fairly recently yielding wearable items so the co-ord trend, plus Ada Spraggs two piece setacular, came and went too fast for me to take part in it. I love the style. The uniform like cohesiveness and how it automatically cuts down time thinking about what to wear. Such a good trend!! I thought it would have the skinny jeans effect and never go away but it came and went in a season. It’s time for it to live again!…through me.

The pattern

This is Kommatia knit boxy tunic. I overlocked everything and I couldn’t be more in love with that machine. The instructions are more sparse and effecient and this pattern won’t hold your hand. At first I psyched myself out, I usually want a pattern that almost tell me how to breath through sewing! but the shape of this top is exactly my style. Big girl pants went on and it sewed up with only a few mistakes. Is this sewing progress?


The skirt I just traced off a H&M jersey skirt I wore a lot. I put it together checking a bit online but mostly by guessing what to do. Sewing with knit fabrics gives me a feeling that nothing can go wrong, I would never have done that with a woven fabric!

When a friend told me the clothes looked straight out of Urban Outfitters, I was ecstatic, Urban Outfitters was my jam! These are the first clothes I’ve made that someone confused with RTW. I even got the ‘really!?! You made that..’ 🙂 #sewingwinning



This top is so comfortable but looking at the pictures I think going with a size bigger would have been a better bet. My measurements are size small but I usually always factor in my shoulders and go bigger. I thought jersey would be more forgiving!!

I didn’t adjust the length and it stops at the biggest part of my bum/hips, making pear shaped me pretty conscious of my arse if no tucked in. To wear this as a tunic I would definitely lengthen it. I’m 5″3 and would not be able to get away with wearing this with leggings only. For my next version (yep, I’ve already bought the fabric for a second one) I’m going to either lengthen or shorten it, so it hits a more flattering point!

Untucked, sorry it’s hard to see where the top ends.

The Fabric

I only bought a metre of this fabric, I would have bought more but the price was so inflated. I got this when I was in France, sadly not Paris, after a two hour drive to the local fabric store. I wasn’t gonna leave empty handed.


I need to thank my husband for the pictures, he’s even demanding a meet the team page on the blog to recognise his efforts. I think he’s right!

2015 Sewing Goals

Sewing for me last year was hit and miss, I didn’t really have a focus, I was gifted a sewing machine for christmas and I was more in the mindset of lets just give this sewing thing a try…..

And I did….and fell completely in love with sewing. Although I have produced barely anything!! But sewing has now become a permanent fixture in my life. However, one of the misses of last year was I became so focused on trying to make awesome, beautiful clothes and bypass the beginner first hate makes and sewing errors I set the expectations for myself WAY too high! After FIVE disastrous makes in a row, I’m finally starting to get into sewing things I’m proud of. Smaller and beginner type projects, that I should have been starting with! that I can build from…..and can now appreciate the mistakes and awful makes I still get and take it as a learning curve and make goals for myself..

For 2015 I’m aiming for one successful, wearable make a month but here are the details.

Make Separates – Let’s be real, I’m going for a top and trousers over a dress 90% of the time, especially when it’s cold, and I really want to start sewing a wearable wardrobe. Now I’m focusing on tops and I really want to improve how I insert a sleeve.


I’ve booked the Ultimate Blouse class at Sew Over It in February and have these patterns I want to get through. Hopefully I will start trousers later in the year but I’m more relaxed about that.

Connect with Other Sewers – I started my blog to tap into the sewing community and, in my short time here, it’s been amazing. However, I still fabric shop alone, don’t have people to chat to about sewing, or have people I am in regular contact with who love sewing. I joined meetup and have joined the dressmaking club and I really want to have a group of friends I can hang out with as well as blog lurk on.

Use Fancy Fabric stash – Due to my small flat and my expensive taste in fabric 😉 having a massive fabric stash is out the window. However the stuff I do have I’m not using. I Keep envisioning projects I won’t be able to achieve for about a year, like shirts. I bought the fabric now so I should use it now, I need to tell myself there is always going to be beautiful fabric I will want to spend my money on! and to stop putting fabric on a pedestal.


My small stash; I just take it out, look at it and dream.

Upcycle, Reuse and Go Vintage – I originally got into sewing so I could transform my charity shop buys. I want to go back to that non consumerist, sustainable ideal. I also wanted to get into sourcing vintage fabric and get away from dubiously sourced stuff.

Vintage Pledge –   During 2015 I, Megan, will sew up at least 3 vintage sewing patterns.


These are the two patterns I will sew up for sure (I’ve already made a toile of the first dress) and I’ve bought a shed load of retro sewing patterns off gumtree.

Stop buying so many sewing patterns!! – I’m so influenced by sewing blogs, the patterns that go around the blog circuit call to me, I’m one bad day way from buying the by hand london kim dress as a treat for myself, but I’m going to stay strong. I have enough patterns and I’m not even close to sewing them all. So I’ve set myself a sewing pattern ban. I am only going to buy 3 patterns this year. Unless it’s a charity shop bargain..because I know I will never be able to resist a charity shop bargain.

Sew For Other People – One thing that shocked me was how much I enjoyed sewing small projects for other people and I definitely want to keep it up.

and that’s it. Fingers crossed but I’m feeling optimistic 🙂

First Thing First The Introduction

Before jumping right in with a sewing post I wanted to start with a short Intro.

I have a problem….Spending money on clothes only for them to just sit in my wardrobe and never see the light of day.

I have another problem….Buying clothes that don’t fit either; because they were on sale or from a charity shop and I couldn’t resist or I was on a diet and they were sizes I would eventually fit into.


After periodically doing big clear outs of all the clothes I would never wear or would never fit. It was a strangely emotional goodbye but I was becoming known as being a hoarder and having more clothes then anyone should ever have.

Enter sewing. I firstly became enthralled by the idea of sewing to refashion all the clothes I couldn’t say goodbye to or would actually wear if not for some slight fit issues.

Then BAM endless hours on the internet showed me the immense sewing community, indie pattern designers and the big pattern designers. I FELL IN LOVE. I want to create rather then endlessly consuming and seeing all these fantastic ladies doing that made me incredibly excited.

I am very new to sewing but I have huge aspirations for a perfect, small and well thought out wardrobe of handmade/refashioned clothes.

This blog is so I can finally stop lurking on other peoples blogs! and start commenting and enjoy the sewing community. I reaallllly reaaaalllllly want to be part of the club!!!

Soooo that’s about it. Can’t wait to start showing my projects, if you’re reading this thanks for visiting 🙂