Sew Over It: Tie

Time to talk handmade christmas presents! These are my last minute surprises.

Thanks to the new Islington location and certain time constraints of a new job eliminating going to local college classes. Sew Over It has been my sewing class haunt of late.

As a christmas present class for myself 😉 and others 🙂 I signed up to the tie making class. Learning the proper way to hand stitch was the main motivator for attending this class but this project was enjoyable and perfect for all the male family members I needed presents for. I think ties gonna be my signature present for a good while.

We used the Sew Over It tie pattern, going to the class saved me so much time, if I went through the pattern by myself it would have certainly taken me three times as long to make and definitely wouldn’t have been made to the standard I made these ties too.

DSCF3268This was the tie I made at the Sew Over It class. The class included all the material for making a tie and we had a nice range of fabric to choose from and I was introduced to domette (interlining for a tie). We couldn’t finish the tie is class because of all the hand sewing but I left eager to finish and make many more.

DSCF3282I made this in complete secret and when my husband received it he was utterly thrilled. He loved the red detail under the tie.

DSCF3254The second tie was for my mums partner. I pushed the boat out and went for liberty fabric on this one.

DSCF3256I have absolutely hated liberty fabric until this point. I thought it was so unnecessarily busy, reminding me of  carpets/curtains/wallpaper and I said I would never EVER be swayed no matter how many liberty fabric lovers :/  Now I have two liberty fabrics on my must have list and am lazily looking through liberty fabric while on my xmas holiday…….

I got my sewing machine as a present last christmas and going full circle and actually making presents for others was AMAZING!! I thought I would be a proud selfish sewist, refusing requests for cushions and curtains immediately…Don’t you know I’ll be too busy making beautiful couture dresses for myself 🙂

….. but my mum, after seeing I’m really using my sewing machine, has bought me a cushion making sewing class…..hint has been taken and my sewing machine is going to be used for more gift giving from now on, which now I don’t think is a bad thing.