The Tallis, Gather Sewing Pattern


HELLO!!!! It’s been awhile! and not because I’ve stopped sewing….I have been! But everything I’ve sewn has just turned into a complete and utter disaster, who else has been there? My wild sewing ambitions have left me without a single wearable make…or anything I’m even a bit proud of.

Now before I stopped sewing altogether in complete frustration I implimented a few new sewing rules, to stop myself from getting bogged down in a project that’s too advanced for me and so I can start enjoying sewing again!! THE RULES: No zips or buttons AND only sew complete beginner patterns.

Enter the Tallis. The first pattern I can say I love so much I made two in two days.


The first Tallis I made isn’t perfect but I love it. The fabric is from a top I had for four years but never wore.

DSCF3202What went wrong was my choice of interfacing and fabric. The fabric was very soft, I had to use interfacing, I really thought there was one bog standard type of interfacing but when I went to the haberdashery shop there’s tons of different types. I chose the one I thought would work…rookie mistake?? Now I’m definitely going to take a sample of the fabric I’m using and let the shop assistants help me.

Also I tried to freestyle with the pattern and use a buttonhole that was on the top because I didn’t want to waste how nice it was and you can kinda see it looks unpolished.DSCF3205

This second one is better because the fabric was more stiff and it’s easier a second time round. The fabric again is from I dress I never wore.DSCF3194I loved this as a starter pattern; The instructions are very clear, there’s enough new skills to challenge a beginner without being intimidating and packaging is the best I’ve ever seen, no exceptions, it is seriously stunning.

I’ll be back to blogging land soon, I’ve got my mojo back. Until then bye!!

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3 thoughts on “The Tallis, Gather Sewing Pattern

  1. megsewing says:

    🙂 thanks

  2. ohhuntress says:

    This is SO sweet! I love it!

  3. Sandra says:

    Beautiful! So pleased they helped you get your sew-jo back!

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