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What is Pique weave? What is the feature of pique weave?

Summer is coming soon, after my last post about three basic weave type. Link What is the different between plain weave, twill and satin weave.

I want to write an article about my favourate fabric weave type for summer – the pique weave.

Pique is a weave type of the fabric. It could be knitted fabric or woven fabric.And the material could be either natural fibre or synthetic fibre.

(Jersey)Cupro PiqueThe surface of the pique is sparsely porous, like a honeycomb, which is more breathable, moisture-permeable, dry and more washable than ordinary plain weaved fabrics. Because of its special texture, it is easy to identify, some people call it “Pineapple fabric”.

Pique application

Because pique has a good sweat absorption rate and is not easily deformed, it is generally used as T-shirts and sportswear.

Many big brands of polo shirts are made of pique. It can give us a gentle touch and comfortable enjoyment even in the hot summer. Soft and casual appearance. It has no deformation after washing.



Depend on the weave type, pique can be divided into single-pique (four-corner ) and double-pique (hexagonal ).

Advantages of pique:

1. Breathable and durable. Keep you dry in summer.

2. High sweat absorption rate, high color fastness: it is not easy to deform after absorbing sweat, and color is not easy to fade after washing. It is generally used to make T-shirts, sportswear, etc.

3. Stiffness: The pique could be stiff or soft. (some big brand uses pique for the neckline of their polo shirt).

4. Good Air and moisture permeability: Even in the summer, it can give a gentle touch and comfortable feeling.



1. The pique has less warp and weft interlacing than the plain weave, so it is not as strong as the plain weave, but the pique fabric feels more soft and smooth.

2. Casual appearance.

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