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What you might not know about our Bioresin buttons




Our Pigeon Wishes buttons offer a modern and chic way to finish your garments, showing that you have put that extra bit of love and care into them. With our modern take on this dressmaking staple, we aim to bring contemporary designs that suit every customer. We work hard to develop trend driven, concept inspired buttons, often working on collaborations to bring something a little different to the table. One thing you can count on, is that each button will be totally unique and one of a kind bringing a little flash of individuality to your life too. 

The material


So what is bioresin? What you may not have realised, is that our buttons are actually plant based. The bioresin that makes up 100% of our buttons is made up of natural materials such as Cotton or Wood pulp. Not only is this a hypoallergenic choice, our buttons are also lightweight and even have a high resistance to UV rays. 


Due to our particular manufacturing process, our buttons also benefit from a high durability with a design that will last. Many buttons featuring a fun look or design are printed on and will fade over time, because the design is actually a part of our buttons, the design will never fade. 


The bioresin material is not only a sustainable choice, but it allows us great control over creating the most beautiful buttons, each and every one made to a high standard. This means that we are able to always offer the highest quality at an affordable price. 


Painterly Button Set (20mm Medium Size)2

Painterly Button Set (20mm Medium Size)2

How they are made


The process of making our buttons starts with the organic materials, cotton and wood pulp. This is dyed and goes through an extrusion process to create the ‘shards’ that you frequently see in our designs. Once the extruded formula has been created, it is hot pressed to fill a mould creating sheets. 


Once we have our sheets of bioresin, meeting the specification of our designs, the button shapes are then laser cut, polished and laminated until the perfect button is achieved! A huge amount of care goes into the process to ensure each button is finished to the highest standard, each button is then quality checked by us before being packaged and sent out to you. Furthermore, we will do a colour match to make sure each button card has a set of tone and every button on the card has a matched pattern. That’s how we achieved our 3000 + 5 star reviews on our Etsy shop.


Because of the process of making the bioresin sheets, we are able to create designs using a range of colours, opacities and styles to meet your needs. If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website and are looking to order over 2000, get in touch with us to discuss a bespoke design. 


Our range


For your convenience, our buttons come in a variety of sizes although the 15mm and 25mm are our most common. Our smaller, Shirting size buttons will usually come in a pack of 15 (enough for you to make a shirt) and the 25mm will come carded as a set of 6 (suitable for a blazer or jacket). However, we do also offer the chance for you to order 250 shirting buttons in a non-branded pack which might be more suitable if you are a designer or want to sell your buttons individually. 


Although often round and smooth, you may sometimes find our buttons in fun, whimsical shapes such as our  Pigeon Wishes x Paige Joanna Buttercup flower shaped buttons or our Pigeon Wishes x Cut One Pair Heart Eyes which feature a pink love heart. That is the beauty of working with the bioresin, it makes it so much easier to give you exactly what you want. 

Painterly - 15mm shirting buttonsSustainable packaging


At Pigeon Wishes, we really care about sustainability and limiting our footprint on the environment, that is why we have worked hard to source sustainable packaging solutions that are consistent with our values. Whether it’s the recycled card or the compostable cellophane clear bag, we always endeavour to make conscious choices for our packaging, our most recent range features little match boxes to store the buttons which even have an FSC certification. 

If you have any questions about our buttons or would like to place a custom order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on

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