Sourcing sustainable fabrics for fashion brands


As a small fashion label, there are many things you need to consider when sourcing fabrics for your range. From quality to price, the whole world of sourcing can become a minefield, made even more complex by the requirement for sustainable fibres. We have come a long way with developments in sustainable fibres, and they are now easier to source than they previously were, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a breeze! 


We have put together a list of points to consider when looking for sustainable fabrics for your clothing range. 


Sustainability means something different to different people, depending on your perspective and your values. For some, sustainability means that no harmful chemicals have been used, or a low carbon footprint or perhaps even recycled fibres. Knowing where your values lie, will help you to decide on the right fabrics for your business. 


There are many different forms of sustainable fabrics and there are more choices now than we have ever had before. Whether it’s organic, manufactured through a closed-loop process, Oeko-Tex certified, deadstock or even generated from renewable forests, there will definitely be something that fits what you’re looking for. 


Do your research and think about what forms of sustainability best suit your brand values! 


One big concern small  businesses often have is being able to purchase in smaller quantities, we see so many small fashion brands buying at full retail price just because they don’t need 20+ metres of the fabric. At Pigeon Wishes we have no minimum order quantities, meaning you can buy the fabrics you need, in the quantities you need, at wholesale prices. 


Depending on the size of your brand, minimum order quantities may be less of a concern for you, but it’s always worth checking that you don’t need to place an unnecessarily large order just to meet the requirements. 


You may also want to consider if stock is reorderable, especially if you are getting samples first. A lot of deadstock fabrics will be in limited quantities and they are often a ‘one-off’ opportunity, this might make them a bit more of a ‘seize the day’ product as opposed to a core range that has a constant supply or can be ordered in especially for you. At Pigeon Wishes, you can always check this by getting in touch,  but as a standard, if you can see a shade card, this is part of our core range. 


The last thing you may need to consider when ordering wholesale fabrics, is where your supplier is based. Recent changes in the UK with Brexit, have made shipping to the EU slightly more complex. This is not to say it’s impossible but it does leave something to be considered, import tax! If you are ordering from outside of the UK, it is always worth checking your nation’s trade agreement with the UK to get a better understanding of what fees you can expect to pay for bringing goods into the UK.


So what can you expect if you choose Pigeon Wishes for your sustainable fabrics? 

You can set up an account on our website by following this link, once approved you can browse our range and place orders online. Not only that, but you can order samples through the website also, meaning you can really feel and understand our quality before placing your order!

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