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I found it really difficult to title this blog post. Never has there been a time when so many marginalised voices can be heard. It’s empowering and it’s amazing. 

I’ve put together a little list of must watch videos which go deeper into racism, the black experience and Brexit. These creators are talented, funny and engaging. Black Lives Matter content should take up space on your YouTube feed, if it doesn’t this should get you started.

D’angelo Wallace

Bhad Bhabie, Bhlack Bhabie 

I chose this video of his because……blackfishing. If you’ve never heard of blackfishing, this video will enlighten you.

Amanda Mary Anna

The Awkward/Quirky Black Girl

Black women as shown by mainstream media *sigh* I feel super lucky I grew up at a time when Moesha was running. Unpacking the Hollywood trope black female character. Once you see it, you can never unsee it. 

Watch ‘I May Destroy You’ from Michaela Coel (available on bbc iplayer) and appreciate her even more for creating what she does.

For Harriet

WAP and the Spectacle of Sexual Liberation 

Kim, and her content, is actually the place I learnt about intersectional feminism. Before watching her videos, in 2017, I never considered myself a feminist. Some people might find that shocking but it’s hard to connect with feminism when the majority of issues black women face have historically and consistently been erased or ignored by the feminist movement.

Kim really focuses on the nuance of being a black woman whilst involving social media, pop culture and trashy tv. A big yes to all of it.

Kelly Stamps

Why I’m leaving Boston.

Watching Kelly Stamps being Kelly Stamps is an education and I am fully enrolled. This video is especially important because when you are black; before you go on holiday, decide where you live, just before you think about existing somewhere you have to google ‘is (insert place) racist?’

Sometimes you experience that hard yes yourself and it’s refreshing to have it told so well.

Leena Norms

Go Back to Where you Come From | Creators for Change

Leena Norms. Finding her Channel was a highlight of 2020. The only Brit on the list. There are few people that can express my level of frustration with the UK currently. She is one of them. Leena is a masterclass of how to talk about race, as a white person, on the internet.

So I think I’ve given you enough for today.

All the channels I’ve recommended are amazing, loads of content to get lost in! Go forth. Youtube will get us through this lockdown collectively.

Let me know what you think, have you heard of all these creators before? Would a part 2 be of interest? Open to feedback.

Happy Youtube and stitching,

Meg x

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