#SewBrum, plus I need your opinions deciding on which jacket pattern to pick!


Hello!! While my latest sewing project is waiting to be photographed (daylight saving time do you realise the detrimental effect you are having on my blog?!?! Which I already don't update enough! :p) I just wanted to share a little of my sewing social life, which I now have! Forever sewing/fabric shopping alone no more!!!

Even though I could happily spend every moment of my life on the internet (stalking other peoples makes), last Saturday I traveled to Birmingham to spend the day with a bunch of sewing people to fabric shop and talk about sewing. The other thing I could happily spend the rest of my days doing….and as you can imagine it was immensely amazing!! If you've read my earlier post, one of my resolutions was to get out and meet other people who sew and this event was definitely the highlight of the year.

We started at the Rag Market, I have no photos, I didn't buy anything because I'm a ridiculously fussy fabric buyer but what I do have to say is 50P A METRE FABRIC! If you like your bargains, here is where it's at!

I did however get my money out at Guthrie and Gandhi, I saw Lauren of the GBSB fame and was so nervous I could hardly say hello properly!! It was that beautiful a shop I could have gone bankrupt.


We all shopped and I've never been around so may keen sewers in my life!


and here's the stuff people (rightly so) went crazy over…


Two of the staff where wearing makes from this fabric too!! The softest fabric I've ever stroked, I bought enough of this for a christmas present for my husband and hopefully enough leftover for a little something for me also 😉


The aftermath of the fabric/pattern swap.


Now, no meet up is complete without a swap. I don't have a picture of the start because I dived right in. I've only seen pictures of a swap this large and I was WAY too eager. Thank you Charlotte for the fabric (and sorry I just rushed in and picked it up less than a second after you put it on the table!!!!) and thank you to whoever brought the other fabric and patterns I picked up. I left ridiculously happy with my little lot.

As sappy as it sounds, my plan for the fabric is a SewBrum jacket (they even provided a label!) to remind me of this day.


But I am so torn between these two patterns!!


One is the Moto Chic Jacket from SBCC and the other is from Burdastyle December, which I saw previewed on doctortdesigns blog. I trust indie patterns to help me more and think sewing my first jacket will be easier with an indie sew along…but I like the Burda jacket design a little more and I trust the fit a bit more……please let me know which one you think I should go for.

I managed to restrain myself when it came to the patterns because I really want to sew what I have already but I've been wanting the kimono wrap dress after seeing some lovely versions online and grabbing this Butterick was just instinct because it had the silhouette I really like. However, my husband the hates the Butterick and ran it down so much I think it will be heading to another swap :,(


All in all, a fabulous day, I spent too much money and have lots to sew for christmas 🙂 Thank you so much charlotte for organising this event and coming to pick me up when I got lost 🙂 Can't wait for next year!!!

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29 thoughts on “#SewBrum, plus I need your opinions deciding on which jacket pattern to pick!

  1. Good choice, I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  2. megsewing says:

    The swap was just amazing. Looking at my stash I think I need another one!! Some of my fabric won’t ever see the light of day! Thanks for helping me out and giving me your opinion! 🙂

  3. megsewing says:

    Definitely going with the Burda. It is just too good of a jacket!! Plus the price and the other great patterns in that issue will make it worth the struggle! I just know the instructions won’t go into detail about how to line it but hopefully the internet will see me through! 🙂

  4. megsewing says:

    I’m gonna go with the Burdastyle jacket. I really love the style and the rest of the December magazine looks brilliant so it will be a bargain to get so many patterns I want to see. I just need to prepare myself for all that tracing!!! 🙂

  5. megsewing says:

    The burdastyle jacket is in the magazine that should be coming out in a few days. I was shocked because I’ve not seen Burda do a jacket so well!! I’m gonna go looking on your instagram for you Moto Chic jacket. All the versions other people have made look so good!! but I’m gonna chance it with the Burda….gonna need more tea and chocolate for all that tracing! :,( xx

  6. megsewing says:

    I have seen your Kimonos and they are gorgeous!! I just wish it was summer now so I can whip one up and wear it.
    I’m going to look at other peoples versions of the first one because while I love the gathers people say it might not be less flattering..mmmh sewing decisions!!

  7. I’m also in favour of the Burda jacket. I love the patterns but they come with very few instructions. But it is a great jacket.

  8. I hadn’t seen the Burdastyle jacket before – it’s gorgeous. I’m half-way through the SBCC Moto Chic jacket, and it’s been a breeze to make. I can highly recommend it!

  9. I like the gathered peplum, the red one. Which one did you choose?

  10. Linda Wilson says:

    I’ll get you added to the email list. Send me your email address!!

  11. Lesley King says:

    Yee haa! Count me in to the Edinburgh network!

  12. sewingbeefabric says:

    I prefer the first jacket. I’m also immensely jealous of your fabric swap fun! What an awesome idea!

  13. Linda Wilson says:

    I’m an Edinburgh sewer and I’m about to put on a blog about a meet Edinburgh and Glasgow sewers had weeks ago. You can find me at

  14. megsewing says:

    Thanks of relying and giving me your thoughts, the Burda jacket is getting all the votes!! Burda instructions are confusing but I think I might try the Burda one and contact Burda directly for help. I’m definitely going to make a toile and if it’s too much for me, I’m going for the other jacket. I’ve been reading that burda are pretty good with getting back to you. Wish me luck!

  15. megsewing says:

    haha I thought it was a good luck with the decision face. now it all makes sense 🙂

  16. megsewing says:

    Yeah, I did hear the first jackets company really specialises in petite figures and I was worries what those gathers would do on thicker material. I probably gonna go with burda, they should expect quite a few desperate emails from me!! 🙂

  17. megsewing says:

    There’s nothing like the lure of fabric shopping and chatting about sewing to get other sewers out! Not sure if you signed up to the fold line but I know groups who have met on their and had meet ups.
    The second jacket is the winner my a long shot! I think I’m gonna go for it!

  18. megsewing says:

    you said it perfectly! I met so many kindred spirits the day was just too short. I hope you can find a meet up soon. Now I’ve gone to two I can say I’m officially addicted!!

  19. Highball Emy says:

    I prefer the red jacket, I think the peplum part looks softer and more elegant. As for the kimono dress – I’ve made two and I really like it! It’s very quick to sew – basically four seams and then hem all the edges. You can see some pictures of mine on my blog if you want 🙂

  20. Chris says:

    Like the the other commenters I thinkt the second jacket is more stylish and more modern. But I think it’s gonna be a lot harder to sew. And you are not gonna have your hand held by the Burda instructions, so if that is important to you maybe the first jacket might be a better option until you feel more confident.

  21. … that’s meant to be a smiley face but I can’t edit haha

  22. I vote for the second jacket – I love the shape and the detail on the shoulders. I don’t think the waist gathers on the first one are very flattering. Looking forward to seeing which one you do end up making though! :F

  23. Lesley King says:

    Definitely the second jacket pattern of the two. Maybe one day i should seek out some Edinburgh sewers and have a meet up. .

  24. embee says:

    That sounds so fun! Having kindred spirits makes sewing so much more fun! I haven’t had sewing buddies in a while but it really is so much more fun.

  25. megsewing says:

    Thanks for the advice! You’re right. I think I need make a toile and just go for the Burda one. Sewing is for the brave!! 🙂

  26. megsewing says:

    Meet ups are so great, talking about sewing with people who are actually interested!! It can be so hard to not having anyone who gets being obsessed about sewing!
    I also wasn’t sure about the gathered waist. The Burda one looks more flattering. Thanks so much for giving me your advice 🙂

  27. sewchet says:

    What a lovely meet up! I prefer the second jacket – it’s more modern with the contrasting bits in there:)

  28. Linda Wilson says:

    Sounds like a great time. We had a meet up in Glasgow last weekend and that was good too. There’s nothing better than getting the chance to meet other sewers! Since you ask, I prefer the second jacket. I’m not keen on the waist gathering of the first one, you would have to be careful regarding the weight of the fabric you’re making it in. Happy sewing!!

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