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Testing Rushcutter, In the Folds


Hello stitchers!!! I'm so happy to finally be able to blog about this pattern I made a month ago. Best make to date!

When I saw the Rushcutter on Em's instagram it was pattern love at first sight. First all I could think was THE POCKETS!!!!! Then I noticed the lines and how you could have fun with stripy and checked fabrics. I was sold 100%. I mean look……


I took this picture from In the Folds official website.

However, the pattern wasn't available to buy. Em was putting out a call for pattern testers. I've never pattern tested before and even though more companies have been requesting for more pattern testers I never put myself forward…but for this pattern I jumped at the chance. I wanted to sew it up and help if I could.

I was a tester so I did the unusual and made up a calico toile. I sewed up a size C. Instead of a usual size system, there is an alphabetical one. I measured up between a B and a C. The pattern is oversized and has a lot of ease, so I could have gone for the smaller size but I have broad shoulders a decided to go with the bigger size to check the shoulder fit (first time sewing raglan sleeves!!). I'm glad I did because it was a perfect fit and any smaller would have been uncomfortable.

Pattern changes:

Without any modifications the style was too oversized and long for me, #5″3problems. So for this final version I sized down to size B everywhere but the shoulders. I also took about 5cm off the length. I think I went a bit to short but I do like the 60's mini feel it has too it.


The instructions where AMAZING. Em broke it down like no other pattern I've seen. Fully photographed step by step sewing instructions. It was a dream!!!


I, especially, like being fully guided along new sewing techniques and this pattern did that!! There is also a less detailed instruction sheet for more experienced stitchers.

This was a beginner pattern but has enough scope to be a beginner plus one too. The pattern really encourages you to use a bias binding finish, so I went for it and am now in love with bias binding. The fabric I used for bias binding was in my stash and I had no idea what to do with it or if I even liked it anymore and now it's gone on to be a lovely pile of bias binding.



I did all the bias binding without a bias binding maker. It was just the iron and me and after nearly burning myself five times I realised, for this, steam is not my friend!! This bias binding tutorial from The Village Haberdashery was the best reference I found.

I did make one mistake and I'm so annoyed with myself about the hem of this dress. It was PERFECT in my toile but I was sewing tired and somehow messed up the inside hem thing and made it too small!!


When I was about to finish the hem I realised my mistake but honestly couldn't be bothered to unpick, recut and sew in one that was the correct size. Now, as you can see, There's a strange pucker/pleat thing. The perfectionist in my cried but I love everything about the rest of this dress so much, I put that voice firmly away!!

I really enjoyed this sew and am already planning to make some more. I did get the pattern free for being a tester. In the Fold is a new company and I wish it all the best and can't wait to see what else will come from them in the future.

If anyone can remember this is the fabric I bought that I had no idea what to do with. I think I'm changing my mind about keeping a stash!! 🙂 The more fabric the merrier!! If anyone is going to SewBrum I will see you on Halloween 🙂


Megan valero

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12 thoughts on “Testing Rushcutter, In the Folds

  1. Lori says:

    Your version of the Rushcutter is so inspiring that I am going to try something similar. Thank you for sharing it! Your review is what sold me on this pattern!

    I really like your blog and I hope you return to showing us your pattern testing results some day. I think you have lots of fans and supporters.

  2. Lori says:

    This pattern caught my eye, too, and it is your versions specially, that makes me plan to try it! So glad you made a shorter version, exactly what I want – a tunic instead of a dress. Thank you for your pattern testing and blog post!

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely words about my designs. I have many that I did not put up for sale yet, because they need to be proofed. But if you see any that you really love and want to buy, let me know. Just click on the words that says not for sale, and those designs will come up. Once again my shop is as –
    Love your sewing, think you would look smashing in my designs.!!! Can not wait to see you in them. aer raa

  4. megsewing says:

    :,( if only I could be 2 extra inches! I want to try longer styles but I always feel the shorter the hem the longer my legs look…
    I definitely loved testing!!! I told my family I can’t do anything else but sew for three days straight because I have ‘offical tester business’ and I got lots of sewing done, the deadline really spurred me on!! I would absolutely test beginner type patterns again but I don’t think anything harder, that would cause me too much stress haha xx

  5. sewingbeefabric says:

    I also have the same problem with lengths on patterns like this #verticallychallenged! I bet this will spur you on to put yourself forward to pattern test lots more.

  6. megsewing says:

    I’m still feel so unconfident in sewing I feel like I need my hand held the entire process!
    Thank you 🙂 I love when a project and fabric just seem perfect together xx

  7. megsewing says:

    Oh my gosh you are super talented! love your prints. I can see your stuff in some awesome legging. I’m gonna look around at prices and stuff becasue I would love to order from spoonflowers. I’ve been hearing so many good things about it xx

  8. megsewing says:

    Hey Girl!!!! So lovely to hear from you!!! I miss seeing you around the sewing events. I hope I can see you in Birmingham this saturday?? xx

  9. Gema says:

    Gorgeous!! Love that colour on you, great fit, and well done for finding a pattern you’ll use time and time again! X

  10. Love that print, very eye catching, along with the neat cut of that dress. One of a kind. ~

    If you need more one of a kind fab fabric, please visit my shop by typing in your URL box: = and check out my one of a kind designs.
    They are available in at least 17 types of textiles (cotton to lycra).

    Thanks for that fab dress. aer raa

  11. Abigail says:

    I love when patterns state the how-tos clearly. Sometimes it’s just so confusing and I get annoyed. But this is super cute! I really like the fabric!

  12. That is quite a lovely pattern. I also love lots of photos with my directions!

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