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Named: Asaka Kimono

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I've been a lurker on the Named website since they begun. They are flawless in their pattern presentation and everything they do looks so sophisticated and elegant. However, I've always hesitated about buying anything from them because their patterns are quite pricey and they seem to be focused on a more experienced seamstress. Without seeing any sew-alongs and having no idea what their instruction guide would be like, I just didn't think I could manage a Named pattern…but I was wrong and this is the most happiest I've felt with something I've sewed.

The Pattern:

This pattern was given a two scissor rating of difficulty (out of a possible three) which I think it was an exaggeration. This pattern has no zips, buttons or fitting issues. This sewed together very easily and I don't think there were any advanced sewing skills/techniques needed. I didn't have any problem following their instructions but, as I thought, it was not as thorough as some indie companies which target beginners.

One thing that was interesting was that the pattern pieces were overlapping and you did have to trace the pattern, which might be off putting if you don't like tracing. I LOVED that it was like this and had to only print and stick together about 20 pages as opposed to the usual 40+ in other PDF patterns. I have gotten into the habit of tracing patterns too, so I didn't mind the extra step. However, you can only print out two sizes at a time, so I printed size 8/10 for me and I had to print it out again for sizes 12/14, for my mum. Which was slightly annoying…As I might of well has just stuck together 40+ pages. Also, I've heard other people who span across more then two sizes complain about adjusting the pattern.

I know I sound a bit complain-y but I think it's best to be told about these things before buying a pattern that is expensive! I would still highly recommend this pattern as it was such an enjoyable sew  and came together so effortlessly.


Pattern Changes:

The original pattern seemed to be a nightgown or a dress, if you used nice enough fabric. I didn't think I would really wear the kimono as either and I wanted it more like the light jacket kimonos you see in summer. So I shortened the length of the kimono to just-covering-the-bum length, shortened the sleeves and I also added pockets. Hoping it would look more causal-kimono-jacket like. I think I succeeded. Sadly, summer is over 🙁 so I have to wait until next year to get the chance to wear it again.

This pattern was such a hit with my family I'm making another two!! They are both dressing gown versions. One for my mum. She requested a floor length version (yes, Queen Mum, I am just your humble seamstress) and another is a gift for a friend of ours who is pregnant.


Named have just released their new collection New Black, I'm not too keen on anything from this collection…is it just me? I've seen people commenting about how much they love the trench coat but everything looks like it would only suit a really tall, slim lady…. I've got my eye on some of their older patterns and after sewing this one I am definitely going to buy them sometime in the future.

Thanks so much to anyone who's reading this 🙂 Until next time…

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10 thoughts on “Named: Asaka Kimono

  1. megsewing says:

    I’m so jealous! It’s my dream to go to japan one day!! :,( I’ve put it way for next summer. I’m planning one in a softer fabric for around the house. I’m in the middle of making a floor length one for my mum but it’s taking me ages because I only get sewing energy for making things for myself :p

  2. Kayla's Blog says:

    Your kimono looks good on you! I remembered I rented a kimono when I went to Japan a couple of years back and I totally love the experience. Great choice on the print, too! Too bad summer is over, but I think it won’t hurt to wear it inside the house, does it?

  3. megsewing says:

    Count me in!!!! I’m gonna look and see how I can join 🙂 xx

  4. sewchet says:

    Hi – as you took part in the #sewingsanta last year, I thought you might like to know about this year’s version, #stitchingsanta. Find out about it here –

  5. corrineappleby says:

    I really like the Dakota shawl collar dress and also quite partial to the Kielo wrap dress but I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to wear it! The Aydan dress is lovely but I would have to lengthen it somewhat!

  6. megsewing says:

    Be warned everything on their website looks good!! 🙂

  7. megsewing says:

    Thank you! Oooh which dress are you thinking of? I’ve got the Aydan Collarless dress on my wishlist. I’m trying to hold off buying any patterns until after christmas because they usually have offers…if I can wait that long 🙂

  8. Very nice! I haven’t tried a Named pattern yet, I should go have a look! (As if I NEED another pattern!) 😀

  9. corrineappleby says:

    This looks great! Well done! I haven’t tried Named patterns yet but they have a dress pattern that is on my wishlist. 👏

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