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Off the Wagon……Plus please enter my giveaway again!!!

One of my new year promises to myself, and my bank balance, was to stop buying fabric. I have enough! Plus my place is far too small even if I wanted a big stash. While I walked away from fabric calling my name most of the time, when there’s a sale….I’m not so strong. In the face of a 50% off sale at Anna Ka Bazaar errrrrr I crumbled.

So, in the face of that failure and to reduce any kind of stash building. I’ve got a sewing plan and schedule for my new purchases, using patterns I already own. I still need to try and stick to my other resolution of not buying anymore new patterns!!

Number One: Burda Easy in stripes


I bought this burda magazine especially for this pattern. I love it! So many opportunities for colour blocking. I’ve been loving the stripy makes going on and seen all over the high street and think this pattern would be brilliant for mixing horizontal and diagonal stripes.

Number two: Burda Wrap Blouse


I saw this made here by ThisBlogisNotForYou and a gorgeous scalloped edged version here by Tea Okereke and decided I need this top in my life too! I love boxy tops and fitted bottoms and I think this top would get a lot of wear if I made it.

Number three: Style 2697


At first I was thinking of making Sew Over It ultimate trousers…but I’m not so sure I could rock such colourful trousers. Now I’m thinking this Style 2697 pattern, the London summer is finally heating up and I think this dress would be beautiful.

aaaand the last of my spoils.


I have no idea what to sew with this. I’m kinda regretting buying it without a plan. Any suggestions would be lovely 🙂

Also, aaaaages ago I held a giveaway here the winner still hasn’t contacted me back with an address and I REALLY want to send this amazing package on to the next person. Anyone who wants it please message in this post and I will hold another lucky dip. I will chose the person on Monday 11th August.

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12 thoughts on “Off the Wagon……Plus please enter my giveaway again!!!

  1. Amy-June says:

    Thanks so much!! I have sent you an email! Wheeeee I’m so excited!!!

  2. Amy-June says:

    Oh my goodness thank you so much!!!! That has made my day!!! Email coming your way now!!

  3. megsewing says:

    Thanks, fabric is quickly turning into a addiction haha. On the pattern it’s not anchored at the front but I think I might add a few stitches to keep it together and my stomach safe from the wind! I’m dedicated to sewing more separates so I’m hoping the top works out so I can sew up more then one….and buy more nice fabric 🙂

  4. megsewing says:

    Thanks for entering a second time!! The other persons name got picked but international postage is part of the pattern pyramid, it’s off to Germany now. So enter next time too!! I entered twice before I got picked 🙂

  5. megsewing says:

    Congratulations the box is yours!!!
    please send me your address to me at
    and I will send it as soon as possible so you have a good look at all the beautiful patterns and keep some 🙂

  6. megsewing says:

    Thanks for that!! I’m definitely going to get some cheaper fabric and try it out first. I tried doing the top version and had some fitting problems around the armhole.

  7. Amy-June says:

    I have a similar fabric purchasing problem – I just love it! I’m so impressed though that you’ve got your fabrics all matched up with your projects – they look great! I would love to enter your giveaway – my pattern collection is rather minimalistic right now and I’d love to have a look through all those glorious vintage patterns!

  8. Such great plans. I prefer to buy fabric with a plan in mind, it makes me so much more excited to get started on a project!!

    I don’t think I entered the first time, can I enter this time?

  9. Chris says:

    I’m not here for the giveaway (I have far too many patterns myself 😉 ) but I just wanted to mention that I had a few problems making up this dress. Not sewingwise, that was perfectly fine, but I could never get a proper fit to this pattern through both bust and waist and I seem to remember someone else in blogland saying the same. I decided to go for the top version and that worked fine and on another attempt I cut off the dress at the waist and added a different skirt. Hope yours goes better – if you have a lot of stash fabric you might want to make a muslin first before you cut into something precious.

  10. And with the giveaway. I am in Canada so perhaps postage would be a problem. And I don’t want to cause anyone any problems!

  11. You have some lovely fabrics there. I would love to do the dress in stripes! I have seen a few wrap tops but never tried them. Are they anchored in any way in the front?

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