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Kommatia Boxy Knit Tunic the Second

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This top makes me incredibly happy. The fabric was of course a total impulse, love at first sight, buy…after swearing off pale pink.

I've made this top before (you can see here) but am still shocked by how big a difference thicker knit fabric makes.


The Fabric

Spoonflower has been on my radar for awhile, I would say it's the most known custom printing fabric company around. There are SO many designs that are absolutely gorgeous but reviews have been mixed and the price is steep so I stuck with browsing!!  However, it was the Kokeshi  Dollhead Blossom fabric that finally made me bite the bullet and actually make a purchase.

My biggest concern and what I've read around is that the print fades off quite easily. I've washed this a few times and it's holding perfectly but only time will tell. For the moment I can't complain.

Still, I'm not overly impressed with the quality, for a £15 plus a meter fabric (I chose organic cotton) the feel was not the luxury I was expecting for that price and this stretched so badly, even with my walking foot. It was the worst knit I've ever worked with and if you look at the hem on the sleeves you can see the stretch. A design has to really take my breath away before I but from them away


Despite this expensive fabric choice I'm actually quite a cheap person. So in a misdirected way to save money I only bought a meter of the fabric. What can you do with a meter of fabric?? With such an obvious print!! Definitely not a loose batwing top, as I found out….after cutting out most of this top. Luckily I cut out the front first, so the hunt through the stash was on to find a fabric for the back of the top and thankfully this black fabric worked! I was a bit worried it would look like the mistake it was.

However, I think it worked perfectly and intensifies the print and the black hair of the dolls. It's definitely a mistake turned good.


I just love this print and plan on making black leggings, from the same fabric used for the back of the top, to make this my ultimate I'm-not-leaving-the-house outfit.

The pattern

It's all in my first post but to sum it up, love the pattern and you can get it here.


The fit

I am slightly astounded about what a difference a thickness is knit makes. The batwing feature of this top is so much more obvious in a medium weight knit and the sleeves look much better. The  actual top doesn't fair so well, it doesn't hang nicely and

In the next version of this top (yep, it's looking to be my to go to pattern) the sleeves are gonna be in a medium weight knit and the top pattern pieces will be in a light weight knit to give it that nice drape.


Even with such little fabric at hand, I did have plan for the dolls heads. I did want the lips in the middle of the neckband and the upside down heads first. Which still looks a bit haphazard!!

Happy sewing and sorry I missed everyone who went to SewBrum, just realised before I bought the train ticket up that I was going to be in Paris that weekend, which can't complain about! but I really did miss a good old sewing meet up.

Meg xxx




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15 thoughts on “Kommatia Boxy Knit Tunic the Second

  1. bellecitadel says:

    Oh, sorry to hear that! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me though. I really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. megsewing says:

    Thank you! my mum thought I painted to wall myself it went so well with the top o.0

  3. megsewing says:

    Thank you!! It’s gonna way too cold to wear it but I can’t wait for summer 🙂 I’m really unimpressed with spoon flower and won’t buy from again. The print is fading! It really is a ridiculous price for the quality. I would think at least mood fabrics are worth the price..I’ve never been but it is my dream to go there one day! haha if you do ever try spoonflowers I would suggest not going with the organic cotton knit. I can’t speak for their woven stuff, so that might be better 🙂

  4. megsewing says:

    Hello! sorry it took a while for the response but after posting this I’ve had people telling me their bad experiences with the organic cotton and the print fading. My print is barely hanging on so I would say steer clear of the organic cotton stuff!! I’m really not convinced with spoonflower, i don’t think it is worth the price :/

  5. bellecitadel says:

    Love the fabric and style, and very interesting to hear the Spoonflower info too. I ran into some girls who were selling kids’ leggings at a local craft fair a few months ago. I loved the fabric design and when they told me it was Spoonflower, I was actually surprised because it felt so good! I wish I’d asked them which knit it was now, because your result is exactly why I’ve held off. It’s not the cheapest for substandard fabric. Good to know!

  6. Love that fabric! That outfit! The whole works!

  7. piakdy says:

    This top looks so cool & edgy in the photos. I think drapier black knit is a nice contrast & slimming.

    I wonder if your fabric is a bit like the cotton interlock knit I got from Tia Knight/Tissu Fabrics. It was med thickness but light in weight. And it stretch out of shape so easily & bags at elbows & boob after wear. But I found pressing with steam solves the problem. Worked on both wavy seams/hems & bagginess from wearing.

  8. carmenross88 says:

    What a fun sweater! Thank you for your honest review of spoonflower. I’ve been curious to give them a try but haven’t yet. I’m not too put off by their prices. I love to shop at Mood Fabrics, which can be just as expensive. I’m dismayed to hear their prints fade quickly, though.

  9. sewchet says:

    Well, despite your reservations, the print is so eye-catching that I’m not surprised you fell for it!

  10. I love everything about this top, the print is fun and combines so well with the black on the back. It looks like those cool tops I seem to be drawn to in shops. I’ve been tempted by Spoonflower fabrics but the price always puts me off haha!

  11. sil says:

    Love the fabric! Makes the garment so unique. Quality of the fabric isn’t always reflected by the price, I’ve found, but as a visual person I’m always attracted to nice prints :p

  12. Naomi says:

    Nice work. I’ve bought two lots of fabric from Spoonflower before. The cotton silk is amazing, held the print well and was a dream to sew. The cotton poplin was lovely to sew but the colour drained from the print almost immediately. Something to consider.
    You did a great job here though. Well done.

  13. tifdickinson says:

    It looks lovely, and such a nice refreshing post about fabric quality too! I too expect a LOT from a fabric if I’m going to spend what I consider to be top dollar! Sorry you couldn’t get to SewBrum but definitely glad that it was for a weekend in my other home town, I hope you had a wonderful time fabric shopping ☺️

  14. sew2pro says:

    Very clever use of 1m and doubtlessly unique.

    I like your photoshoot background; very apt.

  15. I love the print and OMG (!) you stitched this top yourself? You are so talented. Great job, really! Thanks for sharing. Do drop by my blog as well :

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