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The making of this blouse was almost a complete blur! I sewed this garment up in a semi manic speed at the Sew Over It workshop, it took the whole day, SIX HOURS!!! And while all that sewing time was a joy, it was a packed schedule.

However, there was all the tea you could want plus some gorgeous cake, to help you through it. I came away with all the knowledge I needed to make an advanced beginner pattern woooooooo!!!!  

One of the skills I learnt and, sorta, accomplished for the first time was Inserting sleeves.DSCF3418 

…mehhhh not the best, especially from the back I can see all the little puckering of the sleeve insertion -_- but it's my first!!! Now I no longer get a fear when I see sleeved patterns. I still don't understand how to ease it in but I think it's going to be a practice and it will get better thing.

I learnt about under stitching and using a neckline facing.DSCF3422

Having such a brilliant teacher (Julie, you're the best) go through all the steps, look over your work and give advise and feedback was invaluable. Under stitching for me was a bit traumatic!! and I'm so annoyed I messed up and the facing doesn't stay completely under! But look at my first collar! I particularly love collars and am so glad I can now collar up any future makes.

The fit….is not quite right.DSCF3409

While I like the blouse I'm probably going to make another one. There are so many fitting issues! Before the class I bought and tried to make the ultimate shift dress and although I measured as size 10, when I sewed it together it was too small!! So as a precaution I sewed a size 12 blouse at the class, as I was at the top end of the size 10 measurement anyway. However, it still feels tight across the chest but baggy everywhere else!

It still feels so strange to wear clothes I've made myself outside. I find it really hard to not be super critical of every last detail of the garment. When will that go away!!! I thought I would just be overjoyed that nothing was falling apart…but no, I want couture at it's finest :p

Thanks for reading and who is going to the sewing meet up in Birmingham organised by http://englishgirlathome.com ?? Hope to meet some of you in the flesh! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Blouse, Sew Over It

  1. gingerella says:

    The colour is lovely on you. I had a similar situation; the Ultimate Pencil Skirt was too big and then the Ultimate Trousers were too small. Confusing! I know what you mean about wearing your clothes outside and not being able to ignore the small mistakes or issues. But what reassures me is that before I learnt to sew, I would never spot the little, minuscule things I spot now! So chances are, no-one is noticing them. It will stop, plus you’ll be improving. Keep going! 😀

  2. Don’t stop now! You picked a beautiful fabric and learned a lot! Nice job!

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