Why Tencel Twill is the perfect transitional fabric

Sanded Lenzing� Tencel� Twill(21S) -1064 --33 teal

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that we love Tencel Twill over here at Pigeon Wishes. We sell a huge range of different Tencel based fabrics to suit every occasion but we have found the most popular use of Tencel is for versatile, transitional wardrobe pieces. Tencel Twill is well suited to this use for a variety of reasons with its unique qualities and versatility being at the forefront. Let’s delve a little deeper!


Soft and Kind

Tencel is a cellulose based fibre that has a beautifully soft handle. It’s a fabric that is super kind to your skin which after the summer month might be exactly what you need. Its composition makes it a highly breathable and absorbent material which wicks sweat and moisture away from your skin to keep you at a comfortable temperature. This is perfect when you’re layering up- especially if you’re dealing with the confusing British weather and you’re not sure how much clothing is ‘too much’ for your day ahead! 



Tencel Twill, in my opinion, comes second to none on the drape scale. The twill construction combined with the weight and fluidity of the fibres gives tencel the most beautiful movement. Although not a thick fabric, they are typically quite heavy at around 210gsm which is perfect for achieving sweeping silhouettes that feel substantial for the transitional months. 


Tencel does share a lot of similar qualities to viscose, but one thing I feel that really sets it apart is the heavy drape, even in the highest quality Viscose Twill- you just don’t get this kind of drape and it’s totally down to the raw materials and manufacture process.



The heavier weight of this fabric allows a great scope and suitability for a range of different projects that fit really well in a transitional wardrobe. Think of soft flowing trousers whether that’s tapered or wide leg, oversized shirts that you can half tuck, maybe even a soft-tailored suit that you can wear as one or just pull out the key pieces. All of this is achievable with a Tencel twill, but it doesn’t even stop there. If dresses are a bit more your thing, a Tencel Twill dress is the perfect piece to carry you through into the cooler months, start off wearing it with trainers and a light jacket and start to pair with a cardigan, tights and boots as the weather starts to cool off. 



Printed Tencel fabrics are starting to come through into the market, we even offer a service where you can print your own (click here for more details), but the bulk of our Tencel stock here at Pigeon Wishes is block colours. We have a great selection of shades and tones to suit all skin tones, meaning there is something for everyone. We have seen great success in pairing key Tencel Twill wardrobe pieces with fun prints to get more wear from a summer wardrobe, further into the autumnal and Spring seasons. 


Tencel Twill is also one of those fabrics that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion- especially as the cooler months start to come around and you want to feel glam without sacrificing comfort, which let’s be honest, a lot of us feel that way! 


So there you have it, that’s my breakdown of why Tencel Twill is the perfect addition to a transitional wardrobe and I don’t know what mine would be without it. It can be a real workhorse if you know how to use it. 


Still have questions about Tencel? Get in touch with us here or if you’re looking for more tencel inspiration- find us on Instagram or Pinterest here.

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