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By Hand London, Victoria Blazer

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Hello and oh dear me it's more than halfway through the year *inner cry* summer is fully here so I decided to make something for Autumn (there's a logic there somewhere, I'll tell myself I'm following the fashion season calendar).

With this project I've officially made three of my 2016 make nine. I'm shocked. My sewing plans so far have always been laid out in detail but rarely completed. I now have high hopes of actually finishing that list!

The Pattern

This is By Hand London's Victoria Blazer.  One of the first patterns I bought, it's been in the stash for ages and sewing this up brought back serious memories of finding sewing blogs and when I first started my sewing journey.


The  Fabric

This is another Walthamstow, Man Outside Sainsbury's find (yep ,the man deserves capital letters). Apparently this fabric was a Zara leftovers. I bought it in the week I swore off buying black fabric because I wanted to experiment with colour more but it was so lovely I couldn't leave it behind.

I bought the lining fabric a while ago from a John Lewis sale and I regretted it immediately. Not really a lining fabric, it is 100% cotton and a bit heavy, I liked the print but couldn't imagine it on a dress/skirt looking good on me. I'm now so glad I didn't take it to a fabric swap because now it's the reason I love this coat so much…..and why flasher pose will happen numerous times whilst wearing this coat.

_MG_9890 (1)

The Pattern

Why was I so scared? Why did I wait so long to sew this pattern? This is the perfect pattern for a jacket scared sewer to start with. The pattern was very easy to sew. It came together in a day and there are hardly any pieces to trace out.


This patterns reminds me of why I loved BHL so much. Confidence builders. A brilliantly facilitating sew along and a modern, stylish pattern. This pattern company got a lot of new people into sewing (me included).

However, while I was blindly following their sew along, they didn't include stay stitching or clipping the edge so my lining doesn't peek out, means this is very much an amateurs attempt and has some flaws.

Also, the pockets are also very shallow, it feels like anything I put in them would fall out.


I made no adjustments and made a straight size 10.

Marilla does a fantastic post on how to add a facing to the blazer so the lining doesn't show through, which I will definitely be using next time (my mum wants a blazer too, she bought the fabric and everything haha).


Making something so wearable and easy to incorporate into my wardrobe has left me beyond exstatic and makes me seriously question my previous and future makes in terms of usefulness and practicality.

Plus finalllllllly biting the bullet and sewing something I was thought was too challenging has really boosted my confidence and makes me what to try really extending myself with sewing.

I wasn't alone in making this jacket and the final push came from my lovely sewing partner in crime Gabby. You can see us making it up below, her version is just beautiful and I had serious fabric envy.


Wish you fantastic summer days

Meg xx

Megan valero

About Megan

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17 thoughts on “By Hand London, Victoria Blazer

  1. megsewing says:

    Thank you. I love the cropped version! It was the whole reason I bought the pattern. Looking at other peoples versions I now notice the lining shows on most of them but its easy enough to fix and the pattern is brilliant xx

  2. kathryn says:

    This looks great! I love the lining you’ve chosen and the sleeveless version. I made the cropped version and have the same issue with the lining peeking out. I’ll definitely understitch next time, and I think I’ll lengthen the sleeves to full length for an Autumn/winter version. It’s such a good pattern!

  3. megsewing says:

    I bought the pattern for the cropped version but I will definitely go a size down as I’m not too keen on a boxy version either. We need to start an irrationally scared of sewing support group, I’m terrible for hyping up a sewing technique and scaring myself off of projects haha xx

  4. gingerella says:

    Looks great Meg! Just as I expected that lining to look when you gave us a sneak peek on Instagram. I wish my version were as nice! As mine is just too boyish and boxy. And yup, my lining pokes out too. I was about to tell you not to be scared of sewing projects but I’d be a hypocrite. :p

  5. Fabrickated says:

    You look great Meg, with that super lining. So unusual – no wonder you are flashing it all the time. Well done – a great achievement.

  6. Naomi says:

    Looks awesome. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone make up the sleeveless version. Very cute.

  7. megsewing says:

    This is the sleeveless version. Looking at the pictures I can see it does all melt into one. I was going for business flower power with this look haha 🙂

  8. megsewing says:

    The year deadline is really working for me! but I need to get a crack on too!! BHL were the originators of accessible and inclusive sewing tutorials for me and it’s wonderful they opened the door for so many creative women 🙂

  9. megsewing says:

    Really! I love this blouse, must of got it about four years ago and it’s still going strong. Sometimes RTW gets it so right 🙂

  10. megsewing says:

    Thank you. i’m a bit obsessed with it and can’t wait for Autumn to get some wear out of it 🙂

  11. megsewing says:

    Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the vlog! London fabric shops are a double edge sword, so lovely but so much temptation!! Trying to go on a fabric buying ban at the moment but it’s impossible! 🙂

  12. I really like your jacket. I so enjoyed watching the vlog. You two make me smile. I am so envious of London fabric shopping, it’s a bit too far for me!

  13. This jacket is amazing!!

  14. The contrast is beautiful! It makes the whole jacket! Very nice!

  15. sil says:

    Hey looking good and love the lining you chose!
    P.s. I have that blouse too! Makes me happy that I see you have it and rocking it too, and pairing with DIY items no less!

  16. I’m at three of my makenine too! Really need to get a shift on with the rest as I’ve got some big ones on the rest of the list!
    This is a cracker of a jacket. Totally agree with what you say about By Hand London patterns being confidence builders, they’ve certainly taught be a lot

  17. Naomi says:

    Super cute! Is it sleeveless? Couldn’t tell if the sleeves are the same fabric as the lining or the sleeves of your shirt. Either way, cute!

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