We offer fashion lead, sustainable fabrics to businesses. Also curated range of exclusive deadstock from designer studios around the world.

Our fabrics are modern, bold and based on innovative closed-loop production technology. Closed-loop production reuses 99.8% of the solvent and the fibre starts from sustainable wood. The end product is biodegradable and compostable. All these factors together, make this an ideal eco-friendly product for the market.

Our Sustainable product:

Tencel™, Cupro™, Modal™, EcoVero™, EcoPure Modal™, Lyocell, Corn Fibre, Orange Fibre

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Paisley coating double side Windproof fabric (coach)

100% cotton The fabric has a matte luster and drape Double-sided composite waterproof windbreaker fabric Two-sided plain weave silky canvas texture Both sides are v delicate and may be used as the front Big brand original fabrics have traces of the brand

Heavy weight 100% brocade Tiger Tiger! Cotton, linen, polyester mix

Brand original,Cotton linen polyester blend The fabric is soft and comfortable The composite jacquard surface has a three-dimensional texture Bright visual effect